what is seo backlink how it works and rank number one 2020

what is seo backlink how it works and rank number one 2020

how does google determine which website to rank no1
it comes down to seo right?
well it;s more in depth than that.google has over 200 gactors and the number one factor that offects ranking is backlink.
today i’m  teach you what is  backlinks
moz seo company interviewed and asked them what factors
google affect ranking the most? they all said backlinkins
 what backlink thats 1 website linking to other web.

google looking at it as votes.the more links that your website has,the higher you’re gonna rank.
in addition to that they are looking at quality
if huffing ton post links to you,thats way much effective than if joe the plumber
linked toy you and google knows that its way harder to get a link from huffington post than it is to
get a link from joe the plumber now another thing that they are using within their algorithm is how related is that link.

if huffing ton post link to your plumbing site thats actually not as effective
compared to koe the plumber links to you.but on the flip side if home depot linked to you because its very relevant and they are
within your space thats way more effective than if joe plumber linked to you.
a few thingsgoogle is looking at how much backlink you are getting how much you are gett over time
beecause it has to be natural they dont want you to just go pay peoples to link to your website
because they dont like that you should not pay for links they are looking at how related those website are they are  looking at something called domain authority.

thats how authoritative that website is so assume you are getting tons of backlinks
you are get them from related website and high authorty domain website
high domain authorty is from a scale of 0 to 100 exp bieng like a google youtube facebook
it work like on rich scale a logarthmic scale in wich its way easier to go from 1 to 10 it is go from 10 t0 20
if you can get  a lot of backlinks you can get them relevant site and you can get them from authoritative site

that have high domain authority your rankings are gona climb.
if you are wondering what domain authority is like what number a certain site has you can go to ahref put  url link they spit out the domain authorty
now that you know how link work in the eyes of google if you want to get link the quickest
way is to do round up post go email every single expert within your space
and i will discuss this in one of my past