seo alexa rank your website on google first page

Getting free website traffic is not easy.

well thats only true if you rely on the long term traffic sources like search engine optimization for google search
which by the way is definitely a great traffic source free website traffic 
but seo takes time so how would you get free website traffic fast
well there are some great website traffic sources help you get free website traffic.
and thats something you learn in this articles.
the first traffic source to get high quality free website traffic is facebook groups
i know you must be thinking that i was already knowing this and thats compelty true.
facebook groups are not a new thing they have existed for year but there is something nw here
facebook is pushing facebook groups really hard recently and
ecen in the coming years facebook groups will be the top priorities for them.
thats why you will see post from facebook groups in your new feed notification everywhere
in fact the facebook app has got a dedicated tab for other words
facebook groups have never been so active ever before so what does this mean?
this means if you build a targeted group audience around your website niche or the products and services you are selling
you can easily get free website traffic facebook groups can be a great source
for free website traffic this year or even the next years and whats more satisfactory is you dont even need build your own groups.
the next easy traffic source to get free website traffic is qoura.
qoura in case you dont know qoura is a question answer community where people ask questions
and get answers to their questions according to alexa traffic stats
its one of the top 250 website all over the world if you search for anything there is hardly any search for which you wont find
quora in the top 10 search results as a result of which qoura gets billions of free website traffic
from google itself and then there are other search engines as well
so what does this mean? this mean you can utilize this free traffic source to get free traffic to your website
next easy traffic source to get free website traffic from medium
medium is a free blogging platform where you may write and publish blog articles
and whats more amazing about medium is it a very high authority site
so if you write a high quality article there your article can rank pretty high and get a good chunk of free web traffic
but that traffic comes to your medium article only and you might be wondering how to redirect this traffic to your site
so that you may get free traffic lead and sales right
well you need to be smart here you can create a detailed blog post about a certain topic and publish it on your blog
then write a mini version of that and publish it on medium
then at the end of your medium post add something like if you want to find 
more information about this” click here ” then add a hyperlink to your detailed blog post
that way you wont be making moderators upset and ethically drive free website traffic
next free website traffic source gett free traffic is youtube
youtube is the 2nd most popular platform after google and guess what youtube is also owned by google
this mean that there is a golden opportunity for you to create keyword targeted video content
and optimize for your target keywords if you rank higher on youtube you will get tons of views on your video
and if you have added your website links in the video description
you can drive free referral traffic to your website as well.
and you know what its pretty easy.
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