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All right. So let’s start right from the beginning me to find a competitor. I’m going to have my keywords that already but I’m going to find a competitor and then find its best backlinks and I’m gonna show you how to get that all for free by using different open link directory. So the first one the most the best one in my opinion is a giraffe’s right here. So for this case study I’m going to do best Christmas ornaments is the key word. I’m looking for and I don’t really like to use Google for this as it has a kind of like an oxymoron but I you start paid which is the use of Google’s index but it clears all your personal information. We can do the same thing with the Google index by adding PWS equals zero at the end of a Keurig but I find this more complete because it works much easier. So I searched your best Christmas ornaments and everything. He will be a private result because I don’t like let’s search if I search the same thing Google show me the difference between the results.

Hear something is the first ones that Chicago because I’m in Chicago and there’s nothing in Chicago in here. So the right there that shows the different index. So I’m looking at the start page and I recommend using startpage Brandy keywords or any searches you’re doing to see things not biased by own personal results. So here I’m going to look for a competitor that is not very popular. I’m looking for a better that’s highly ranked within the first three pages to or two pages. That’s not like a brand name. So I know they actually did ask to go to get there. So I see Britt. That’s Eli. Not really sure about that. Everything else here. Looks like a big brand Apartment Therapy looks like a decent one, but that’s kind of a big Grand ready. So I’m going to go to the second page. I don’t see anything really like a mom and pop store yet.

Best product this could be a good one. I’ve never heard of that one Good Housekeeping and Decor Target. Nothing. Really perfect. That first one might be okay in the second page for let’s go to other Pages nothing here.

And I think I found Christmas place. I’ve never heard of that and some of the third page of a highly trafficked Niche best Christmas morning food is really really hard to get on. So we’re going to go into a car wraps. You have to sign up for free count you get like three or four searches every day with a free account. So that’s how we’re going to get this for free because I think a breast cost like $100 per month if you get like the full version, which I really recommend if you have more than one site this is not going to be the best strategy in the world. But if you have one site just by using like the 10 different free open site directory trial accounts, you can get plenty of links just that way without paying that $100 per month. So let’s look so I looked up here. It looks like it. This is good. I want something in the million range of a rest cuz I know that’s attainable by like a

Mom Pop Shop. So let’s look at back links.

If you click on backwards right here, I’ll show you the top backlinks. If you click on any of the old ones will show the new lost broken. So here.

Looks like one of their authors gennadiy Genesee. So I’ll look for vanity cuz I’m trying to find out where it’s always been just a comment with the link to their website. So this isn’t an imperfectly attainable for me. So I’m going to see how you sign up for this is kind of looks like a WordPress. So we’ll see what the arm article comments are closed. That’s thanks for us. It’s good for them. They got a Wikipedia link, which is no follow. So it’s not even worth getting right now looks like to have a lot of Blogspot spam just very easy to get you can just hire people to post on different black spots with surprise up their seat. This is the same thing one of my competitors Bank better just that has black spots Pam and they’re listing high this that makes no sense. Google would have seen has like three or four years ago. We would have penalizes site, but no not anymore.

Okay, salty speed Society. Let’s check this out. See if it’s a good match. I’ve never heard of this and this looks like it’s just another blog site a blogger site Blogspot fight site.

In the post which is hard to get a let’s see how their comic book.
So their comments are all spam.

That’s a good sign. If you want to get a link onto here, so right here, you can get a link on a Christmas post and some blog. So that’s a decent place to get a link. So we found one of the link right there and that’s a good days work.get-high-quality-backlinks-free-urdu

So but the whole thing is you can only do three searches every day. So like if you want to look at different competitors and see their stuff you’d be out of luck. You can only look at three things with a free account. So that’s what I’m going to share with you guys is 7 open site directors. I’ll put a link into this and the description of all these ones right here. So we have a hair wrap Smiles Majestic cognitive SEO rank signals smallest SEO tools and technique watch to all these ones have open site directories with a certain amount of free searches per day. So if you do 7 or let’s say each one has three. So I have 21 free search is a day on any of your competitors to get a bunch of backlinks. That’s plenty for one website. So no need to Shell out $99 per month besides just checking three different searches on each. One of these websites is also get the check your competitors and your own back length on each of these Services cuz they all have different results. So all can give different back legs and I’ll give different opportunity. So I really recommend using all of these for any

Keyword research your competitor research you’re doing so I’m just going to show you how to of these work like moss and a harassing the rest you guys. I’m sure you can figure out yourself. It’s the same process you click on back flanks and you’ll see what backlinks your competitors have. So let’s look at my house right now the same exact site. We did you see that the results are a little bit different. I haven’t checked this so I’m not exactly sure but I’m pretty sure it sound as I like cuz it shows you the Stamps Quartet. So she’ll see this website is very little Spanish 0 which is a credible which is great and already we have different results different backlinks, but that’s not the point of this food at the point of this video is trying to find that these different.

Link opportunities by using these open site directory scoop. This is the bread-and-butter recioes. These different services are so many. So but this video I’m going to keep this the open site directory so you can find competitors back legs. So yeah, so that’s how you use open Moss. You just search it in right away shows you the inbox inbound links cuz I think I’ve been linked to the

open site Explorer but I saw at all these the description so you’ll have seven different places to get your links from your competitors pretty for free every month without paying that $100. So this is going to be incredibly beneficial to any Ezio person working right now cuz you can get a lot of links just by using this website. So I highly recommend just starting out and look at your top competitors looking at all your cuter than finding what your competitors are doing through these websites. So that’s probably a really good place to start your SEO campaign. If you’re looking for a more complete tips, like I said before I have courses on udemy and I’ll leave a coupon code to that in the description below where you can control that class for much cheaper and you learn different tips and tricks like this cuz I think this video I’m going to clued in the future course, so you guys are getting a really good tip right here by having these seven different open site directory cuz I couldn’t find anything online about a compiled.

List of all these free open site directory trial. So there you go guys a great resource for your SEO and I’ll be back shortly with another video and I’m going to try to do another video with resource links like this with a rear axle resource instead of the finding backlinks kind of thing, but then in the couple months, I’ll be back with another Finding backlinks cuz you guys are all doing really good job with that stuff. I spent the better that completely gone and hum on the top of a Google against I’m really happy about that and I want to share the wealth and share the resources so you guys can be good at seo2 so until next time I’m happy like the look. See you guys.

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