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Here’s a little-known social media Network built around content curation that can send a large volumes targeted traffic to your website for free almost 2 million visitors a month and over a quarter of those come from the United States. Let’s head to the computer and take a look at it, but do stay until the end because I want to show you a stealthy way to use this which might not be immediately obvious. You see there’s an algorithm at play here. So I’m going to show you a way to influence that I’ll groom so you can get more traffic faster. Now the website is cool mixed up, and aims to help you ReDiscover the internet we have covered this before but it’s about time for an update. So let’s head over to the website and take a look and it says makes is a new personalized Discovery platform the unlock

more of the internet you care about

curated internet without the noise. It says you can save and share your favorite fine for others to discover. So take a look through the homepage make up your own mind so we can validate the traffic on the traffic sources so you can decide for yourself if this is the right one for you. Okay, so as we can see the trophic level, well, it’s just under 2 million visits a month and then you can see it’s pretty consistent traffic to so if we bring this into a promotional strategy chances are we going to get consistent levels of traffic from this platform that you can see 27% from the United States 16 from India 4% from Canada 3% from the UK and 3% from Pakistan go down to traffic sources 63% direct so that tells us

There is a lot of traffic roaming around this website. So instead of getting traffic from other sources, this really is a central Hub of traffic. So let’s go down to search traffic 9% from search engines 20% from social pretty good traffic levels from social media there. So 43% from YouTube for 2% from StumbleUpon. Now, this is the replacement for stumble upon which has gone out of business and then 5% from Reddit Facebook accounts with it. So if you like the look. Let’s go ahead sign up and you will be greeted with a page that looks like that. So I hear some of the latest contribution to the platform as you can see it’s curated mix of different types of content and this is all the concept that thinks I might be interested and to be fair it’s kind of

Pretty accurate, which is a nice surprise. So here at the top we have for you. So this is curated for you. And then we have following if you got listed here. Imagine how many followers you can get on this platform how much traffic they can send you a website. So here you really want to get people to follow you on the platform. So reach out to them by social media by other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter encourages you to do that already. And if you are active on here and you amassed a decent-sized following you should increase your chances of getting featured on this page and this is really cool because it will only recommend people who share the same interests as you so that means Tabby City traffic. Okay, if we go to popular you going to see obviously the most popular stuff happening on the platform right now. So before we start using

Let me show you something. I found some really useful stuff we go to profile here. You can see I made a few posts on here nothing spectacular. But if we click settings for scroll down here, I’ve been saving this so I can show you how to do it. So good out to you around beside fan.

The website address so put in your website. I’m going to put in profit co-pilot. Com traffic and look at that birth year 2007 and made a mistake there so it could save changes and there we go Sunday out for whoever might be following us isn’t increase chance that they will visit our website that way too. So let’s go to this icon hear. This is one of the ways that want you to use it. I’ve got another one if you stick around till the end. So if we click there and just paste in a link to your content, let me show you how to do that face Dental. It’s one of my videos now, it’s going to retrieve it’s going to pull in the image on the coffee really nice there and then I can click mix there. I can add it to my collections of a couple different collections there just for testing and then I can click don’t know if I go back to my profile.

there you can see that it’s been added and if a click on this

it’s going to play it directly or I can click here. It’s going to open up.
Inside the website. So that’s really cool. So I can send traffic to my videos that way. Really nice scroll e thing there.

Let me show you something else that I think is really interesting and then we’ll get to influence in the algorithm because where is it? Let me find it again profile. If we go down here to the footer. I think this is on every page here. We have browser extension. So if you want to adopt a chrome or Firefox or edge of safari now just as you serve from the Internet or are you publishing content you be immediately able to have that directly to the platform without messing about without having to come back here and I did again and if you think of this as a stumble upon substitute and you probably know how powerful that was back in the day. Well, this is aiming to replace it. So there’s a good chance that when do you contribute content here on a regular basis? It should reward you for that consistency can let me show you a couple more ways to use it if we go to the search bar here.

Typing an interest sofa go marketing. So it’s going to show us people who are interested in marketing marketing jobs marketing mix marketing strategy lost the key words here. Let’s just put some oxygen and they’re going to bring back.

Content directly related to that key phrase so we can have this to our mix if we want to if you want to influence the algorithm that way for let me show you something go to collections.

So you can see remember I showed you briefly. I had a couple of collection with Airlines. They’re actually indexed on this website that anyone can access. So if you create your own collection, it’s going to be featured here when people search for Relevant keywords to that topic. They let me show you another way to influence the algorithm. Let’s go back to the profile page here. We have content that we we submit if we click on this icon here. It’s going to allow us to share it. So click on that now if we share this via the hyperlink there, so we just copy link or we can quit leaves wants to share on Switzer Facebook Pinterest email it to our ways. So every time we share by a hyperlink that tells the algorithm that it’s been shared externally and it wants to see that so so

Media platform always reward you if you bring in more traffic, so it could be an idea for you to do that. If you want to push your mixes further up the listing so get some more exposure soda platform revology for it. And the only that you can also add a mix button to you website. If you want to encourage your visitors to share it for you now, if you are serious about OKC traffic to your website, I want to give you the message I never share on YouTube or anywhere else you can get them all completely for free. When you go to profit co-pilot. Com traffic or click the link in the description. And if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel to hit that little notification Bell. So you never miss an update for me and I’ll send you three videos every week. So thanks for watching and I will hopefully see you again in a couple of days time.

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