Dr. Zakir Naik’s beautiful statement about Ertugrul Ghazi drama

Aslam o alikum welcome, look this up. My mate allows mostly be upon you and your family I mean. You are one of my favorite scholars. I’ve learned a lot from your lectures, me alike. Give you to the head. Let me remind you, I’m, just a student of a flamingo by to religion, I’m, a baby I’m, not a scholar. And the question continues: there is a Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi of two groups which have broken all the cards on the YouTube Muslims in the subcontinent operating it so much that anyone would tell them not to watch. It is confident- and this number. The fearless supported by the gun, anyone on Khan also praised.
The old one, the literally, had to pass the **** them up against it. This area has a good, a madam hugging and touching is that the music I love story, because the story is also not authentic. What, if you’re, not C. huh and the wife to the Utah based thing that payment amount and that’s how I’m treated. A similar question us by it, my name, is that the phone book from Chris meet the permissibility slump to watch or to receive. A similar question is for the hubby bomb is a box with the British India. My question is that how is it to feed dedication drama of two groups? Ghazi. Another question similar question posed by Faysal Qureshi Pakistan.
What does Islam fit aboard watching drama Ertugrul Ghazi than movies? My question is the difference to the pelicans Damaturu Ghazi, which depicts which depicts. The glory of Muslims during the crusades against. During crusades against the contract.
I’m over the DVD fever, I think hundreds of questions from the hundreds of thousands of question at least hundred question baby orders going to. The card. I’ll be on the, but please don’t limit this unfair, not limited. Only talking about a diversity of. First, let me tell you that, I being in the field of media. Almost all of the movies, the Dow mas, this CD is almost all. Ninety nine point: nine percent of the. They will not fulfill the criteria of how. Some are less harm. Someone will have.
Yeah I’m I’m not broken any of that idea. Let me tell you for sure that almost all of the movies, some I will have them. Some analysts items on my broken. The one I copied up over broken the when I forget that. As far as Google is concerned, I’m not going to decide to go to a good, slow I can order on so do everything over the river. Yes, I’ve read reports, I’ve, read articles saying the program is one of the best feeling in the world, not only on your group for the lawyers it does broken apart. Even a Hollywood. That’s all I can do rule boards if you’re quite old, pervert. It is made in Turkey and what I did a hundred fifty seven episodes. Each episode will for the board to over fifteen minutes. And somewhere it is going to T. four hundred fifty seven episodes of the season. Well, then, it doesn’t translate into various languages of the world or to do list many dubbing on there do I’m B. number of languages that did no Netflix upset up. Yes,
what I can pull from not too good that that lead and what little bit I know it is less it is. It cannot be fully. But with seven because the lady Activision not in his job, so it’s going to be a hundred percent hello. There is music in it which I can get on bottom The brother said that is how few that said. No, but surely it is not like normal movies, like Wonder Woman, Hollywood movie, that it’ll switching. That is little love making scene that set up. Yes, he handed hugging. It set up, not like the Bollywood movie that the Hollywood movie. Third- if it did not have it, doesn’t have goals hello, but yes, there are lady. Norton is up there to do they get it. There are certain things or what is the number that I gave you, that there are certain things which is against the ball hit. So surely it is not totally stomach at all, so no one can give you **** about that.
Watching is. But I. But I would like to go a step further than what was pretty alive, that because of the evil that desperate toward the water, anyone who’s not watching futile I would recommend this for how long for you don’t watch it at all.. Please, if you’re, not if you’re, not watching movies, because the farmers are not porting CDL, my recommendation is, did the quote and we’re going to close up to a loved one or the other. The Dow did the review to blow the ball last month. A lot read the feet up: it routed to grow a little less amount of time.
What does people is?
What addicted to movies? There are many Muslims. Many in the world, one rule the addicted towards. Even in there, in order to get the very volatile movie, if dedicated to the normal Hollywood movies and Bollywood movie regional, follow up, women are realizing one of everybody watching the moment what it would be, a movie in which the lady, the best with with with the with the with with guards and with with you know, leaving the body more than going to get that out they got us all the way from Islam. So if it’s a person, who’s hooked on to the normal Bollywood movie and the normal Hollywood movie, hope under the number CD is that you see in the star TV. Although VDV order. All the other theory it and all of them, almost all ahead on. This is less harm than. The Bollywood movie that the Hollywood movies. Surely there nor love making scene that maybe three hundred that’s what I’m told. So, based on that, if a person is hooked on and you can best option for rebuttal dot, something we’ve. That’s the best: what. Then see such feel like, although it is better than seeing the Hollywood, will receive what I see in many years back what message I’m the best movie. According to me that I’ve been getting. The word any movie, it is message again the message movie which it either because I don’t follow up the method movie. Twelve doctor was a. Anthony Quinn, if you are the father, what if it wasn’t a lot, even the vested movie, which I thought I cannot sit hundred Wilson hello. Because there was music that will sometimes video being shown which will not probably does, but the vehicle was created.
The read one read the full: well, it would surely get a possible stress now, but I cannot hundred wasn’t allowed. But if you want to watch a movie, the whole bundle movie, then please watch message. The only city, if it with a different sort, made from real value, it was made up by the embassy unfunded. Why the **** up. The foundation even that I’ve seen that they’re not under the bus in Islamic there was music. There was some scenes of ladies, what I find as a message, if confirmed, and what cities are concerned. Though, though, the knowledge in it, though the hi, this is coated, the whole underscored it is wonderful, it will surely get up close and close the door slam. There is no opportunity in it. That is not me to have a minute. Yes, you think of it. And I am a humbler as far as what you do, the scan phone majority of the the the fade, then, maybe, if you had a net which may be problematic so the best amongst all that would fit. If you want the method movie, if you opened a movie if another brand new movies, but what, if it. If you’ll. The best hitter to watch in the fade, if off, almost as if. What will not come on the same level as I’ve I’ve message. If we’re not on the same level as the what, if but. Let me tell you that support the lady was very miniskirts. I’m. Okay, I want to reserve right to me, but my head open is a permissible keeping ahead open. It had on. What better than what you’ve got so does that lady, who reading many fields and deep neck okay thought that Mr Archimedes go with what he completed? His first live. Offering a full body, except that, if you, if your head with duct in multiple women may I, go normal you’re wondering when he’s got refunded up. Otherwise,. So this is. This will be a forty times. They’ve already minutes, go to reserve a double one. To give it a minute. I was able to stop me if you’ve got Michelle out of commission call your full body, of course, covering a full board. Yet only she sure your head is a little thin after bedwetting miniskirts and reading your neck.
The similarly adorable hope don. CDS and movies, and then, if they want to go to an oral glucose. Everything, though, could be maybe twenty percent of the day. But it’s nice to get a possible little slump and tries to revive your passion. Please go ahead: I have not done a full set of it on the order was released, I’m, not that person but border ports added based on that. Yes, it is how to figure out the real head up, but if you hope on and if so what’s the one you were movies I never watch a hundred movies shortly watching this I’m not watching that is, but the. Not watching this and watch a hundred movies, I’m very clear. Instead of watching a Hollywood or Bollywood movie, I would prefer. You’re, stopping it number one. If you’re gonna go because you’re going to feed it, then what you want to really better than watching one you wouldn’t want to live in chart, but yet it is haram. But surely it would be a less thought how long I’ve, compared to the Hollywood and Bollywood movies and in Charlotte this may get to grow a little slump and that payment may be listed on the list of washing all the how long and then follow and then hitting the hole under the best reading, how did the best and. It is my desire. For example, hi I cannot make a movie even like math and then, if I want to, because if I didn’t, if I give my principles. If I want, I cannot even make a city level mostly live a little bit of it. We want to thank you for participating, then that of mine that inshallah, inshallah one day. I would like to make a movie better than the method more image of the best I’m in a bit, but falling all the principles of Islam. You know we should not have any musical instrument we’re gonna some sound effects which the hell out nope reforming. All this principle would be difficult, but how we do in the pristine on the PC, much I love. You have no music at all. We have the phone to fix or human being. You have the a lot. And since the Duff is permissible, but some of the squat, if I’m single we do stuff so based on this insure, live breeder last month, let me fulfill my desire that one dash I will like to make a movie. Namik falling all the guy do the office now.
Whether it be on the life of a real full full number, maybe on the part on all maybe on some other some topic and a very high quality, it’s my desire so that it lives again said that is one will be a high caliber. They may be more beautiful, caliber, which may be falling from a principal, is totally I, don’t know of them, maybe but of high caliber of high quality like the movie off message, I, don’t know if any of the girls mother that me give me that a portion of it to do that and shot a lot before, I had a job for them for the worst.