get free google website traffic ranking in 2020 alexa traffic rank

get free google website  traffic ranking  in 2020 alexa traffic rank source
Hey guys I found a brand new traffic source for you today. it’s is unliqe anything i have seen before. It really is a unique twist on social media marketing. So, let’s head over to the website, actually apps that we can download. But let me show you the platform first, so you can decide for yourself. If this is right for you, it’s called tape reel. It says: immortalize, your authentic self, on tape real dot com. You can record your thoughts and conversations a social memories. It is also the fastest way to record, publish and share audio video content online and if we scroll down here.
We can see that there’s no advertising, no filters, no a or not fake stuff. It says with less noise, you have more time for authentic expression coming full members, but down here. it is  what’s I want 2 show you. He says, find your tribe, follow interesting people and have meaningful conversations so. All you have to do. Is it record your voice uploaded, put relevant tags on there and then people who are interested in that specific type content? I’m gonna hear your recording all your video. Let me show you what I mean, because if we go up here to tape feed you can see. 
Current activity on this platform- so imagine, if you get listed here, not only will the people using the app be able to experience your content, but also people on the website and there’s a high probability that this is indexed by Google. Also, let me show you something else here: we have a leader board, click on that, so this features people who are very active on the platform and check this out. This guy is linking to his website. So if you get featured on this section- and you have a website mentioned there- imagine how much traffic you’re going to get as a result I’m, because this platform is so new.
I’m going to predict that there is an underserved community here, so it’s not going to take a great deal of effort to get featured on this section. You just go to the app store, putting tape real dot com– I, don’t know if there’s an android version available. Yet but I imagine there will be in the near future. Take the time to explore this. It’s got some really good reviews, nine point, four out of five that is exceptionally high.
And there are the pricing options as well: I’m, not an affiliate for this I’m not connected to this website. In any way, I’ve literally found it I thought it would be a good match for you. So what I’m gonna do is go to the phone now I’m gonna show up on my screen, so you can follow along I’ll. Show you just how easy it is to use switch route. Just come, take a couple minutes and then you’ll be all set to go, because it might not be immediately obvious how to use this okay. So here we are on my phone. What I’m gonna do is open up the app. There is N. pink tape real dot come back now. It’s taken us to the tape feet now what I want to show? You is a few options here. So, first off you scroll through here, you can see similar content on the desktop version. Now, as far as I’m aware, there’s no way to upload content on the desktop version and that’s why we’ve moved over to the app so at the bottom of the screen. You’re gonna see a navigation menu.
On the far right hand, side click profile. Go to profile, we’ve got a few options here. So the first one I would really want you to pay attention to is edit profile, so we click on that. We can hide in some relevant text. So here we can describe a little bit about our selves, so I might want to say something like fictional. Slacker with twenty eight. Plus hearing this. Digital marketing experience. Then we go down to a website just underneath here. Now we can add in a link to your homepage or your lead, magnet or whatever you want to so I’m just going to put in profit copilot. Such. 
Gonna put down and then hit save. And now it’s updated, so anyone who might be checking out a profile can now visit our website and there you can see. Actually, on the profile, there is a live link to the website. Let’s make sure it works. You got. That’s good! Okay: let’s go back okay, so that’s the first way to use it I’m sure you know the way, because we go to discover. Now we have. A few more options, so here are popular hash tags that people are using. If we go to people here, we can see suggestions on who to follow. You can also use this from lead Jen, so you might want to reach out to people who follow the same taxes you relevant to your niche, what key words as well. So let’s go to the search bar here at the top.
I, what’s type in something like health and then click search. Now we have got content that is relevant to the hash tag, which also search for more hash tags. We can offer people get under specific key phrases. Okay, that’s another way to use it. I’m show you one more way to use it. So if we go to tapers click there, we can make recordings with friends, so we can work with other people. What county joint projects and I think that is a very powerful marketing strategy in itself. If you team up with like minded people, maybe they also have an audience too, then you can both grow your audience faster book. If you don’t have any friends on here, just like I, don’t then we can go to record solo and now we’ve got an option to start recording you self. So we can do it audio or video. So I’m just going to hit the.

Odio I come there, the phone icon to record just my audio I’m not going to go with the video for the moment. I just want to test this out so.

 I’m just testing this out to see how it works really pleased to be a part of this platform and I look forward to networking with the home here. Okay, she’s really quick test now go to public street there. You can see my recording one final trip for you: I recommend that you had a call to action, that is to tell people to visit your website and if you are serious about driving traffic to your website, I want to give you the methods that I never share on YouTube or anywhere else, I want to give them all to you for free when you go to profit, copilot, dot, com, slash truck.

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