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If you want to create your own secure website and do not have the budget to purchase hosting domains like this, then this Article will help you because today we will know how to easily host a secure static website on Google Drive. How can it be set on your custom domain name and how it can be learned and created is also absolutely free. In this Article I am going to tell you everything for free tax like free custom domain name free SSL. And much more, if you like read the article and enjoy, then you will also like and share the link, you all will know about the call track on this Google There is a cloud storage service where you get 15gb of free space and there is no issue with the band vote, apart from this you get the security of Google here, you can store and keep your personal data or share it with anyone. You can also use it in many other ways, but today We will know that we
How to use Static Website Hosting, then let’s go about how this happens, first of all login with your account and open Google Drive, I would not like you to make your primary Gmail plan for this. Create a new Gmail account, you will know its region further, so here I have opened my Google Drive, now you can create a folder by that name like , from where you will get free domain name. I will tell you first where we upload my website, so here I deleted a folder under the name, in the same name,  now open the folder and whatever Your website has data, upload it by dropping the dragon from a simple, then it will be uploaded to your website script in that folder here, it may take some time, it will depend on your website’s data for internet speed, see it here All files have uploaded  script, after that, where we have this folder in public
For that you will not get this by clicking right on this forder and get her sherbeling, click on it for gate sharing, then the folder will be public here, see the message coming here, now anyone can see this script right now Here our folder has become public, now after that we will go and put my Google track website on it, then for that you open a new tab on your browser, open the website here w Punjabi website will open. This is a serverless web hosting service. Here Google driver uses the driver for this server. Here you can search on your static website hosted in your Google Drive or OneDrive, so here I am using Google Drive. So here I clicked that store on Google Drive, after that you can use your Gmail account, here too, you have posted your Google typing website here, here is why I told you to add  the new account because here This service you
Google will take track access on the script, he can save or edit the file, if there will be your personal data, then there can be writing there, so you have to use your own new  account, see here, asking for permission on you too. You can see what you will take permission from here, Google Rectifier can save it, edit it, then I have approved it, after blocking, Automatic will delete our folder and its link will be created here. Here the link of our page has been generated, now here, you can see here the link has been reached here, here you can access your Google type roasted website by machine, I show you here, I gave it a new time Opened in and you can also see on your own that a page is being loaded here and if our website is loaded here, you can access the hostel website on your Google track through your link now. When its link has been found, with the help of it, you can find it somewhere on the Internet.
You can explore your Google Drive website, I also want to use your custom domain. If you are looking for this link, then you can use your own custom domain MB if you do not have a custom domain name, you can leave your free You can register a domain name in it. There is a best website for this. You can register for free in 2 months with the help of this, you will not get tuition like Japan dot net dot in dot com. Work has to be done, but you can set any name according to your own, then register for it instead of yourself or sign on to it or else I have already come to the nation, then I login to Jaipur here People have logged in there, I have logged in. You can also login with your Google account. See here, I have been logged in. Now after that you can register for your money, go to the service, click on it Please make restaurant U2 mate
After that, search your domain name, by which name do you want to create a domain name or I have searched, type by typing and give check on availability.
Pooja Bhatt will be available as a list of all the available tow men by the name of Akshit, see this list has come here or I have already registered to, so whatever avaliable tow I have here, I automatically rested them You can make it as if you have selected MNS and then play it on check out. You will not need to decide anything here, see it or else refuse 2 minutes, for how many months you want to use your boss right now. You can also cut it with you. You can use it back for 12 months for free. Here I have set it for 12 months. After that, the partition checkout page will be open. You can complete your order now here. But there is no need to decide anything, nor do you need to enter any credit card or debit card details here, here I have compiled my fear and can see it on my own right here. Now the Dominium has been registered here, so you can restrain yourself according to your needs in 2 months.
See this, it has come to me in two months, so here I will use my website to chat in Jaipur on because here my own Google Drive has a folder with the same name, so here I If you need to make some settings, then click on it, I can manage the appointment on returning to this domain, as you can set nameservers on it, you can set reductions or you can do dinner settings, then the first memo nameservers If you set it, then open the rules for it, set the rules there, use the default nameservers. After this, the change name will be updated from the name server here at the top. It may take some time to update, change according to this website. It can take up to 24 hours to happen, after this, where we will manage Freenom Domain, I opened it there, now we will point our website here, then we have to create a new record for the pass here. Type will be found
You will read from inside Neem, send your driver up to Kanye West and inside the target, I have copied it here, note that you do not have to copy me completely but you only have to copy it when I am Copied it, when I presented it inside the tower, save it with you, then the record will be updated here itself. It will take some time to set it up. When I get set up here, here through this website If you can access it, then you have to wait till its update on the new one. After some time, we will be able to access your website through the Dominion, even if our setup is done here, now the website is being opened here. Let me show you here, I opened my browser and typed on the address bar here in our 2 months whatever we had just restored and see that the website has been opened here, now I have 2 minutes You can search on the website, but it is not coming secure here, so I can free it
How to make Secure how Amia can use DPS sent, Cloudflare is the best service for you, you can use Cloudflare on your own, you can try and make your website Cloudflare your website in many ways. saves I video separately above have also made you what you can do to protect the video that you can see DoS attack on your website you Paklaud Claire Paris tow make add your website’s here I Your website is already added, now you have to set the settings, I tell you that to set the clock for your website, you have to put the names of Cloudflare inside the freonome, after that you can set it by the party. If you need to know how to set dinner then I have come to DNH when you add your website, your bird name record will be automatically imported, if it is not imported then you can add memory back to the same process. Let’s type in. Type C name. Type WWW
Inside Kota Gate, we will type our drive to bank address and save it back. After this, where we have to add a text Lakoda, then feel the type for it, type the text name Canada in the contact of the post. DRV DW is equal to and save the address of your driver here, I have already saved it here, after that you can set your father-in-law on your own, you can make the bus police secure or you can HTTPS Always Naval can be done, but before this we have to set up Cloudflare’s name server inside the freonome here, then only the Rangers will be able to make their money before that there will not be changes here, so let me tell you how I will set up Cloudwalker here After copying the dinner, after that, you have come to the Patch number MyDomain here, people have been out here, I login back there, the list of admin will be there till then I will open my mind to whatever I have in it.
After that, go to the nameservers, try using the custom nameservers there, put the rules of cloud again inside the nameservers, or you will have to do the first thing after doing a website on Cloudflare, only then you will be able to configure your gate itself. Then if you set OK nameservers, it will take some time to set it here as well, but here I have already set it, I can show you the public support, see this, you can see that in 2 minutes you can return until The rules of Sabar are set, only then we can block our website, I will show you here, I opened my website back here and see it now, you can see that Yash is opening on ETPS right here. Your website has been secured here, you can see it on the bus certificate or thin and then the certificate has been set, then the police website has been created on your own, now you can access it anywhere on the internet. By the way, you have your website for free.
You can create a domain name for free on Google Drive, you can create a social for free. I told you all this for free tax. There are a few limited limits, just like you do not use PHP MySQL CMS WordPress Dhumal etc. Can do because only static website can be posted here, whose content is still live, yet it is quite useful to make your study website for free, so tell me, friends, how did you like this Article, if you like the Article then you will definitely like the Article and Also share with your friends, I will go to see you more soon Thank you very much for Reading
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