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I just found a brand new traffic Source. I think you going to find it very useful. So let’s go check it out. It’s one that I’ve literally just discovered today. It’s called So let’s VIP Now, this is got around 32 million visitors a month. It’s available on desktop on my iOS and on Android and the user base is incredibly active there is over 100 million users on this platform. So there’s lots of different languages being spoken on this platform, which I think is a really positive thing. So this is what it runs itself has free and secure calls and messages to anyone anywhere. So that’s the main selling point but there’s communities here and they’re all based around specific niches.
Means you can find your tribe you can create communities and what we delve into this you going to see that there’s lots of opportunity here and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today. I see the opportunity in this so maybe you will take self go to Features you going to see that? It’s just like any other messaging app, right?
┬áBut if we go up here and go to community now, it’s going to get interesting so we can reach out and network and create groups and build an audience or tap into existing audiences. I’ll show you how to do that in a few minutes. Now, there’s another element of this that I think is going to be interesting to you which is the business section if we could get there.
Hear it claims that it’s got 1 billion users worldwide the stuff. I so previously when I was doing my research suggested around a hundred million active actively engaging 7 million interactions every minute 7 million interactions every minute. Basically, I just want you to know what exists on this platform. I haven’t used the business tools yet. I’m not associated with these guys or an affiliate on his anything like that. I don’t receive any commission for this or any of the videos I make and you’ll see that the partner with Coca-Cola lore’l so maybe he’s going to benefit you to eat. Of course. You read the judge, right? So let’s go up go to the download section. So we’re going to use two versions on Face. The reason why we’re going to use it on the computer and then on a phone is because that’s
Hours, I can see there’s some things that we can’t do on the desktop on Mac version that we can do on the phone version. So what we’re going to do is set it up very quick and easy to do and then

I’ll show you how to use on a desktop and then we’ll jump over to the phone version will we take things a little bit further? Okay. So on the download page just choose your weapon there.

I’ve gone for download for Mac electric took me a couple of minutes to get up and running now. I can’t speak about the windows version. But certainly for the Mac what I have to do with the same time with download the app on the phone. I cannot come both together. It’s very simple it practically does it for you. All you have to do is just put in like a verification code I click. Okay. Pretty much it and then it works and then when you download it and install that you going to get something that looks like this I hear you can see on the left hand side when you got these communities. I’m I’m a member off and then here on this one, which is about blocking we can see that the members of posting content in here. So this is going to be publicly available to all members. So if it’s a relevance
In that particular group will guess what people going to click on it. They’re going to visit your website. Right?
And we can also go to another group here. So I join this one again people are just posted in like recipes and pieces of content and linking to websites that tells me you’ve surely you can’t fight. That’s fair. So how do you find groups to join? Well, it’s really simple so we have the search field hear search, but we can put in something like that. So let’s say we want to go with the health Industry Source typing hell.

Here you going to get all the communities the verified communities?

Based around health and then we can put more and get more if we want to so you just put in your Niche there. It’s going to bring back verified Community. That’s not all that’s really the tip of the iceberg. If you do a little bit of research online have a look around on Facebook and other social media platforms. You going to find secret hidden groups mentioned as some of those groups out powerful they can have up to a billion members. Of course. Not none of them are going to have a billion members but it shows you the power of this part from the potential is there so some of these groups and communities are enormous. So finding wounds are relevant to you is going to depend on your knee. What I recommend you do is just have a look on Facebook. Try Reddit is well, that’s a good starting point.
We can also create our own Community. I’m about to be incredibly powerful for you. So what we can do is tap into these communities and use them to build our own audience. Let’s go ahead and use the phone version because we’re going to go on sale for one of these communities for ourselves and then we can bring more people into the building at work building audience and ultimately drive more traffic to my website since you offers. Okay, let’s head over to the phone now.
Okay. So here we are in the Viber app. So what was going on here? It’s it’s almost exactly the same as the desktop version but we can do an extra thing with this. So what I want you to do is have a little look at the top right-hand side of my screen that you can see a purple icon if we click on that it’s going to take us to this page. So I’m here we go couple of options. We can create a new community or we can create a new broadcast list. So we click on new broadcast least you’ll see that here when we have followers and contacts on this but I don’t have an eye yet cuz I’m just not using it here. We will be able to send out a message to the entire list.

So in effect, it could anyway be used in this in a similar way to an email list.

So you can send out a broadcast list to multiple people all at once on this section was counseled that K click on the icon again. Now, we’re going to new community here. We shouldn’t rate a brand new group. So what I encourage you to do if you want to learn if you want to create your own community and think about the niche that you’re going to serve that’s very important. I think about the keywords that someone might be using find a group like yours again, that’s really important. So I didn’t some key words here and then in the description I have some more
Keywords here too, and I didn’t image that represents your group. And then if you are serious about driving traffic to your website, I want to give you the traffic methods that I never share here or anywhere else. I’m going to give them to you for free.
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