Here is a free source of FREE WEB TRAFFIC that will allow you to find your tribe or even build your own so you can tap into existing communities that relevant to you Niche. You can promote your content in front of them and drive FREE WEB TRAFFIC to your site. So let me show you the stats in similarweb so you can decide for yourself if this is the right phone for you so we can see. The global rank is pretty high 5000.
The contract is 2,000. We have a look at FREE WEB TRAFFIC overview. We can see over 9 million visits a month and in previous month broke through the 10 million Mach step down slightly over recent months, but it looks to be climbing back up again. So this is a Powerhouse of traffic if we go have a look at the FREE WEB TRAFFIC by country. We can see it gets an impressive 43% of the traffic for the United States. This is really profitable FREE WEB TRAFFIC because we can see the top three are USA UK and Canada that is an advertiser’s dream. So if you’re running CPA if you run ecpm or are you trying to monetize your website through products or Philly Moxie you’re in really good standing here. So this is profitable FREE WEB TRAFFIC and then we
Brazil and Mexico full of both on 2%. Let’s check out the traffic sources for a 9% is direct 4% from referrals 39% from Zack see two different versions of this platform. Today. We’re looking at the desktop version so we can see. Content on this platform is being indexed by Google that’s really good for you because it means you going to get organic search FREE WEB TRAFFIC from the USA from the UK from Canada, which is going to be very profitable for you and I’m 3% of the traffic is from social media. Let’s check out.
.9% search traffic. 99.9% is organic not .1% paid. This is very good for you. So if we go down to social 3% look at that YouTube is top with 37% Facebook’s got 16% you to 16% Pinterest 8% and Switzer with 7% So happy with the stats agree that it’s Powerhouse of traffic that you should be tapping into. Let’s go check out the website and it is You may not have heard of this platform. You may already be using it. So it says building I’m participating in great Community. Our mission is to help you building a sustainable community and get recognized from your contributions and then we can click
Learn more it will take us to a bit more detail Services building great communities Tapatalk is the mobile First Community platform trusted by hundreds of thousands communities worldwide start a new community today or connect your community with a mobile app. It’s the infrastructure and service. You need to build a great community. Of course, you can build your own community and I recommend that you do but you can tap in pardon the pun to existing Community. I’m going to show you how to do that as well. In addition to creating your own Niche specific Community. It’s very quick and easy to do it took me about 10 seconds to do mine. I’ll show you how I did it. So it says it is the future of online forums reward-based member supported the centralized government government’s decentralized.
An ownership check out a long-term vision of online forums FX2 Ayo, and that goes on to say Tapatalk mobile Beyond Community software the mobile app layers on top of your existing Community software to provide seamless native mobile app experience for your members. So if you have an existing Forum runny or an existing Community, you can use it in conjunction. So you can use it to to build a community to make it mobile responsive get more visitors get more members in there from the vast Tapatalk Community sale.
There are two ways to use a switch or show you in a in a second. So it says money is community platform Cloud hosting spam control mobile first. So today we’re going to use the desktop version because that’s easier for me right now to just show you my screen instead of hooking up QuickTime to record the mobile phone instead. We’re just going to make it really simple. So there is a little bit of a caveat because we’re going to have to use Google to search through Tapatalk to find relevant communities that you might want to join us show you how to do is very simple. This is pretty cool. It says interest graph not just a mobile app. Tapatalk has used billions of data points to build an interest graph to predict what topics your members will want to read next.

Think about the power of that. So this will suggest content ideas for your audience for you. So, you know what your audience will want.

Think about how powerful that is. It says we help get your members hooked onto your community with tools such as personalized feeds email newsletters recommended discussion and more.
That is incredibly powerful from boxes because it’s going to increase engagement is going to increase the level of activity on the amount of people who join our community very powerful stuff. So you can sign up very easily says get started. So if you click on that, it’s going to allow you to create an account and login. I already have one I’m logged in. So let’s go check things out. So we’ll notice on the front page very first thing after the big Coast action, it says statue own so build your own Community by creating a brand new group in Tapatalk. I recommend you do that so quick stop.

Text group name. I’ve already created one for marketing by stealing for EASY SEO and then short name.

As you can see there’s already relevant groups made for EASY SEO. So this is going to be able to give a description. We want to add keywords here. So & Co group for search engine optimization webmasters bloggers on Ultra friend or marketer.
Now we can choose to make it look better. She’s a primary color. I’m going to go with blue think she’s that one we can add a background image. If we want to just for demo purposes. I’m not going to do that. But if you choose to do that, it gives you the recommended Dimensions that you should be using for this so it will be featured on both desktop and mobile version. So that means it’s going to look beautiful no matter which version your users are using. So I’m not the robot and click continue. So now it’s going to build a community for us. People can join they you go here you can see my groups the groups that I have made.
The SEL one that I just made now than a Maxime one, which I made previously. I don’t know how active these are I’m probably not going to be very active and then because I am too busy running my business.

So you click on that it will take you to your community. I look at this.

Look at this, so.
We have up of as upgrade option, but we don’t need to do that if we don’t want to so at the moment, it’s all free to use which is really nice. It’s old donation-based and we can run this just like any for what if you want to find existing groups to join. Well that is really easy to do. Unfortunately. If you go back to the homepage, unfortunately on the desktop version, we don’t have a search field. There’s no search bar. So if you’re using the mobile app at the very top you will have a search about on. So recommend you install the app if you want to use this phone use it to search that way. However, if you don’t want to install that I’m going to show you how to search using Google. So if we go to typing with the cold on and then your keyword, so your Niche so here we
Stop marketing. We could go EASY SEO to go Health doesn’t matter here. We are going to have loads of relevant groups and communities devoted to the niche. Sophie Cook. This one is going to take us to an existing community that has got over a thousand Topix 10000 post.
And go down might not actually be relevant to help. So if we if we make it a little bit more specific, so maybe let’s go with kids.
Click on top one there. This is a community and active community that we can see the latest post was today. There’s an active Community people interested in the topic so you can go through Google find these relevant groups join them Sherry content building at work yet leads promote. You still follow the terms of service as always but this is just one traffic source, and if you want to grow a popular and profitable website, you need to write strategy.
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