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Simple Digital Growth Hacks in 5 steps

Steps are simple and most you know it, but the fact of applying way to aside in your life.

So revisit 5 Steps to hack growth are as following.


Keep it clear, simple and concise. Do all math required to shape it concisely. Create simple yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. This will help you create marketing calendar.


An intense market research is key to success.Sometime research can happen before setting your goal or parallel to it. Make blueprint of your audience.

Market research tools are crucial in the journey of digital marketing. It’s the like the prime weapon you use to hack growth.


Look for your prospects on social media or in person :Show up where they are, engage with them. This is will further help you optimise your campaigns.


Through engagement you keep yourself on the map and Continue building relationship, show up and remind the network who you are in a positive way.


Work on tool to track your results and efforts. And map it daily, weekly, and monthly. Review and optimise your campaigns accordingly.

Coming up with high quality content weekly on digital marketing, marketing and technology etc.

how to do local seo free guide today 2020

Today we will define Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization which is the art of getting a website to show up on the first page of Google for local business listings without having to buy advertising.

Local SEO starts on your website with elements like a displayed Name: Address, and Phone number that will appear in all of your citation listings around the Internet.

It will also require some Geographic focus in your sites Meta Information but that’s another post at a later date. For now, we need to look at listing in top citations like Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yahoo Local. Other citations can include the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

From there you have strong social signals such as Facebook, and Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. All must point to your domain and include the same business information supplied by your website. All of these focus on Customer interactions, ratings, feedback, and performance in customer service. The better your ratings and the more places siting your business as best in town the higher you rank and more likely you are to get a free featured listing on top of your best search terms with greater visibility than your competition’s paid ads.

So what is Local SEO ?

Local business needs less global reach. It’s nice to get found in rankings for your keyword outside your service area if you are for example a tourist related business, but it is vitally important to be found in local listings if the goal is to drive off the Internet traffic such as to a flower shop or grocery store.

With Local the use of Google Maps and Local Service Areas are 100% must, where a loose listing for Restaurants of the world does little to nothing for a mom and pop type restaurant with only 1 location. Even franchise businesses like McDonald’s benefit from the store by store advertising on a local franchise basis in addition to their national and international campaigns.

The best way to think of the two is when you do a global search you learn names, brands and can conduct business online. If you are looking for a local business you are finding out their address and reputation etc.. Some companies value their Local Search Presence to the extent they are willing to pay more per result because the traffic is nearly always closer to the shop now point in the buyer lifecycle.

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