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This is going to be a fun today. Cuz we’re going to talk about is one of my favorite free tools that I used to help me build backlinks for clients backlinking, which is when you essentially find a website that already has Authority in your Niche and you get it to link back to your website. Google likes that they’re like, hey, I already like this site is already has Authority and I trust it and barely came back to this site while then this site must be good to it’s kind of like passing on the authority. That’s what the backlinking thing us. But if you try to do backlinking is usually very exhausting it can take a ton of time to take a ton of resources. So I’m going to show you one of the free tools that I use that makes my life so much easier. All right, so if you want to do incredible SEO for your clients and for yourself, you’re going to want to hang out for this let’s get into it. All right. So here I’m hopping into the computer and this is my gratuitous plug. This is a website that I created.

I’m actually there’s nothing on here, but you can pay for but easy s you if you don’t have an agency website already check this out and I just did a little bit of an update. So it looks a little bit nicer. This actually shows you how to create your own custom WordPress website and you know an hour or so and you were is nothing have to pay for here. But you love to buy hosting and a domain and stuff like that. So anyway, this is good and why I want to show this to you partially for his for one because I created a podcast recently also called my digital marketing .

And on it, I just did an episode with the same name as this and a lot of times when I talk about something on the YouTube channel. I’ve already done on the podcast. And in fact, I’m creating a lot more content on podcast on YouTube right now. So you could go and you could check this out as well. If you just want to listen to it. I just uploaded this and some of the tools I’m going to talk about or I’ll be essential tools as well here.

Alright, but anyway talk about is if we’re trying to rank a site and we’re trying to do backlinks. What do we do?

So the example that I took is doing dentist in Peoria, Illinois, cuz this is a pretty good basic example of a type of local service business that you might be doing SEO for and so if we’re strolling down like let’s say that our client was something like Peoria Peoria Family Dental and we’ve done everything we can do if our on-page SEO optimization and now we’re trying to look at what BAC links can we build and so if I look at this in my car, I’m not ranking high in.

Well, what am I comparing myself to poop but companies for websites better ranking higher. So if I scroll up I’m going to kind of look for what are the better websites here. And then I’m going to try to steal whatever they’re doing. And one of the things I want to steal right now specifically in this Article is what kind of backlinks are they building and normally if you want to do this backlink research would you have to do is you have to like pay these like expensive subscription cost for things like aah rafts or Majestic we’re going to show you the back links, but your actual pain paying a lot of money a month to use these tools. I’m gonna show you something else free. I’m so this is obviously our biggest competitor here. So we got this. Dentist, They’re doing pretty darn well, so I’m going to right click. I’m going to copy that link address and I’m going to take a look at their website.

But I can spend too much time on this piece because this all covering other Article and I have been other Article to Orvis is the on page SEO like I would look at this and see what they’re doing on their actual page as helping them ranked as high as her ranking. This is a pretty pretty good. I mean the website looks old school, but it’s really good content for ranking a website. So I’ll looks like that they had someone who knew what they were doing do this. It could be better actually, but this is not bad especially for a dentist has dentists aren’t really known for their SEO jobs. So what you want to do is you want to go and use a website called The Hearth and you can either go and do you can go just to theHoth. Com or if you go to my website, there’s a link there or you could go to easysmma. Com The Hearth and that’ll take you there too. So, you know, whatever you want to do to go to rocked.

for you to go through while my site so

that’s why am I here? We are. We’re on the Hearth. Calm and it doesn’t look like there’s much here, you know because you have to actually get a free account with them to use their stuff. You can’t look under the hood unless you get this account. Does it cost you anything all you did you put in your email you say get started and then they create this account for you. Now, once you have your account and you log in then you’re going to see where all the cool tools are. So I’m going to log in and then I’ll show you what’s on the back end.

I so when you’re here, we’ll tell you what their deals are cuz they have paid services and I’ll say Place orders and it’s all these things they can do big do your business listings and press releases and gas post stuff is really good that you can actually have them do your SEO and white label it for you and they’re fairly trusted me. They’re pretty trusted one if it was like two hundred thousand plus people were using their packages. So that’s not a bad thing to have at your disposal is just for free tools that they have so we go over all of this stuff even have a logo maker SEO audit log topic generator. I think I think it’s really cool that gives you these really like catchy blog topic titles and that’s nice fables keyword research stuff. So anyway, I’m not going to get into all of that. But I want to talk about is just this thing the backlink checker.

But if we do that, this is essentially giving you access to bah wraps backlink Checker just for free totally for free. Ahf’s is pretty expensive to have a monthly subscription. And so are you just get it for free which is kind of awesome. So I’m going to take that same URL that I had Peoria dentist and I’m going to put it in there and run the surge.

And you can run multiple searches a day. I wants me to do is going to generate a backlink report going to tell me why this has 1639 referring domain 97% or do follow links and N case. You don’t know you want do follow links Bowser was actually passing juice onto your website if you have no follow links, it’s like I don’t know. They don’t really help you out there really help you out. So it organizes everything it shows me what all the backlinks are what the anchor text with Mr. If it’s due follower nofollow and what the domain rank is an domain right goes from zero to a hundred anything over 20 is something that I want to link from but if it’s up here and it’s like 93 9088. These are super high Authority sites. If you can get a single link from a site like that you can completely change your rankings. I had one client rights got a one link from a relevant Niche site.

But he had a domain rank of about 90 and that one length took him from I think number is 6 or 8 to number one in a week is that’s all I had to do. I could just done that and had done my job for them. So anyway, we can do we can start to look at these and see what are the actual links and I were going to try to take those links. So I’ll click on this.

I’m not going to go through all of them, obviously, but if I click on this link right here, give me a second to pull up.

Okay. Well looks like this is probably company that designed their website that we scroll down. We’ll see. Okay. This is their website and there’s a link back to it. And so right there that’s a back length or probably not going to get that one because we would have have to have this company build our website. So that’s not going to be a great example of this next one though. You look at this visit is domain rank of 40, which is pretty good. But actually pretty pretty darn good and this is super local see this is So that’s going to be a local hockey organization that proximity thing if you’re doing local SEO, if you can get links from local organizations, like municipalities and police departments things like that. That’s awesome. And so it looks like they can get a link from this local hockey organization and the zip corporate sponsors, which is awesome. If we’re looking at this it looks like if you judge

Sponsor them they’ll give you a do follow back link. And then that’s awesome. You don’t even have to write an article most times when you do backflips, you do it by placing articles on other sites and getting on to embed a link somewhere in there throwing up your logo. So this is awesome. I would want this link but I probably could do is I’d reach out to him. See how much does it cost to get a link if we have a bunch of Life church has a small Insurance places doing stuff, you know, then it probably isn’t crazy expensive and I would just ask him. Is this a permanent link or is this just good for the season and kind of figured that out and then get it up here because people love this kind of stuff. This gives you community awareness Gradelink the local link. So I mean if fridge Heating and Cooling can have a link from them. I want that link from them. So I would just reach out and see how I can get this probably really easy.

get high quality backlinks free  link builder 2020

Get and say that they charge you a tea box or save it’s like $100 sponsorship. Awesome. That’s fine. Charge your client, you know hundred fifty bucks for the time that you spent getting tell you make some money back. It’s pretty easy. All right. So anyway, that’s an example of that organization to know that they were of a high enough domain rank that directly worth linking to and just like to do all of that leg work that would it take you a long time. But here I just walked in a website, you know into this backlink Checker and then I clicked on the second link and I already have a pretty easy for TDR don’t do following that have going right back to my page on this next one. That’s probably not going to be the best looked at it before I actually know it’s not the best but I did see this one. I thought this was sweety cool actually.

Thanks for me. But it’s a great that point I probably do a Article just on that one. You can see at 73 domain ranks. I’ll talk about that, but I’ll go to this AP sense.

And this is kind of like your Classic backlink on this isn’t the bastard because this looks like it’s a very general site. It’s not specific to the dental match or even to health care cuz we can see if there’s other stuff going on here. But this is an article they had written. It looks like it was probably written by a marketing companies. Probably used to do her marketing. It’s an old school looking site if we look at the Domain rank. What was it again is right here. It’s a 77 domain, right? That’s awesome. And so I’m looking here and it’s like, okay. This is an article all about dental stuff in Peoria. Then the anchor text is dentist in Peoria dentist in Peoria. And if you look at the bottom left of my screen, you’ll see that where this is leading to is their website. So this is a great that link so I would try to get one on here. I mean this is kind of old, you know, but it looks like it’s still relevant domain rank. I’m so

What I would do is I probably go to the how it works or maybe contact us and I would just see what does it take to get an article on this site and then I would just reach out that sometimes what I have it happen earlier today when I was doing this for one of the companies I work with is Ivy just had a link from another person in the same Niche but it’s like so this is a chiropractor in Illinois is a client, but then there was you know, this healthcare provider down in like Georgia where I found it they allow you to do back like so it’s super Niche specific is not local but that’s okay cuz we don’t want to get wings from our competitors right that be weird, but they take contac so I just called him up and I was like, hey what I got to do to get an article play Stand Beside will call Doctor sound so and they gave me his email address news reached out. I was like Hey doctor on me and my team we create a lot of great content. It looks like it’s very relevant to your website. And I’d love to just give you a piece of content here and then all we’d want to link.

What do you think and that’s my Outreach?

It’s very simple. Like I don’t use a lot of words. I’m just trying to be simple and just honest and transparent. I’ll give you something really good and that if you want to look back to me, I’d appreciate it. Okay, so this would be an example of a link you could get and then what I would do is I just keep going down through here and I keep clicking on each of these and sing. Do I want this link like this one. For instance. This is some weird spammy link from a Volkswagen enthusiasts website. I don’t want this link this link looks like total spam and sell what they probably did as soon as found some kind of forum uniforms. I found some kind of form that allowed to create a user profile and Link back to their site. This is spammy stop. I don’t like this and I think that eventually Bissell starting you smacked with penalties. So anyway, I want to take one like this but look for the relevant stuff and try to steal it and then

With all the copies are ranking above, you know, if a copy of their ranking below you. The other thing that I’m learning here is that I have to get some pretty darn good links to look at all this stuff.

You know, they have like a lot of really high-quality do followings. So I got to outdo them and that’s probably going to take some work is not only what I need to get what they have, but I have to get more right or I have to get what they have in the make my on page SEO better stuff like that. So anyway, it’s not like the whole game that you can see how this is letting me bring us up to where they’re at. And this free tools making so much easier. Let’s talk about one more content created to this but I like to get contact created through iwriter. And so I go here and there’s a bunch of content creation sites, but I had really good luck with this one as I can go here. I create an account. I put some money in my account in a 50 bucks or whatever and then I can just order custom content you can order stuff here for

They say it’s like for as little as a couple box light as low as a dollar forty, but my experience is that if I get content that’s that cheap use I have to spend so much time editing it cuz it’s crap and then that ends up making like not worth my while I would rather give someone, you know, 20 box thirty bucks to write a really good article and then I’ll do only a little bit of editing and then having to spend an hour. They’re trying to make it actually to a good article. Because when you try to do this like say that I’m trying to get an article on the site any crap up here.

I have to give him a good article that’s going to make their website better. Right?

And so I’m going to go here. I’m going to pay someone at least $20 to create something good. They have different levels. They have like premium elite elite Plus members like some higher one after that. I’ll usually do Elite plus and I’ll save the minimum you could offer for an article is $14 and I’ll see great and then I get better writer.

Actually trying to jump on that opportunity. So anyway, I’m not going to go into how to use iwriter today. I’ll get that article back a little bit. Actually be my article and inside that article. I need to make sure that actually have a backlink why you some anchor text that’s relevant. You know, so could be my company name. It could be the key term I’m searching for and just figure out a way to work that into the article and then just linked it back to the site and make sure to do follow link. So I hope you got a lot of value out of this this I got to tell you this if someone would have told me this when I first started they would have saved me dozens and dozens of hours of my time.

It would help me out so much. So if you do this kind of thing, you’re building back when she’s going to be so much easier a pro tip for you. Here’s your bonus to is eventually you’ll build relationships with a lot of white Masters. but you’ll have relationships with a bunch of webmasters where you don’t have to do all this searching eventually if you’ve done this for a while you’ll do some of this but then you also just have people you can say. Hey, can you just throw out this this article for me and Val have sometimes like a list of many websites that are relevant and then we’ll just put it off and we’ll probably make you pay, you know, 2550 Box 60 box whatever to put up your length, but it’s like who cares he spent $20 and I Rider you spend $50 with them. They’re up to 70 bucks spend a little bit of your time. And then you can charge your client in a couple hundred bucks for that link and you come out way ahead and plus you’re happy cuz you’re helping them, right so

Any questions put it in the comments below if you have another backlinking trick or tool that you used put it in the……

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