10 Free Seo Backlink Builder Website Traffic And Earning Tips You Need To Learn Now

10 Free Seo Backlink Builder Website Traffic And Earning Tips You Need To Learn Now

I’m going to give you some free Backlink building websites to use on let’s go to similarweb so you can see for yourself the trophic levels the website traffic sources by country favorites organic or not. So you can decide for yourself. If you want to use this website as part of your backlink-building strategy. So here we are in similar web. You can see that the global rank is pretty low. So it’s 400,000. The country rank is 21000 from India level up at the website traffic overview IMAX. And I know we’re not really concerned about website traffic today. We’re all about ultimate backlink builder. So you probably won’t be concerned with the the type of website traffic you get from this platform. In fact, you going to get the only one seo backlink building website you going to get multiple show you that in a second so

As you can see this website traffic is pretty decent. I mean, it’s awesome, right 52,000 unique visitors a month to this platform. So we know that it’s a really popular site. Google is going to be crawling it on a very frequent basis and we’re going to check that the content on this website is actually being indexed in a second. website traffic by countries. No surprise here. The 88 2% is from India 5% from Pakistan 2% from Vietnam to Turkey 1% from Bangladesh. So if you’re hoping to get website traffic to website that is monetized through CPM display averts. This might not be a good source of website traffic for you both for backlinks. It’s really good. And actually this website was recommended by search engine Journal. That’s why I’m included.

Today, that’s why I’m sharing it with you today because of search engine Journal recommend this website. Who am I to argue with them? So that’s what love is direct 6% referral 2% from search 1% from social 1% from mail. So if we go down to search 100% of that is organic MSM out of web traffic coming from search engines to this platform. Let’s have a look over the last 10 years. So here in website traffic alexa to website traffic we can see the growth and it’s crazy high so

The Millionaire Guide On Free Seo Backlink Builder Website Traffic And Earning To Help You Get Rich.

We can go far back as 2017 when it’s getting a thousand visitors a month. You can see that shut up to 20,000 down to eight thousand and since 2018. It’s been I mean climbing crazy fast.

right up to 45,000 unique visitors in the last month

Let’s have a look over the last six months that you can see that it is increasing. So it looks like if you get a gas that worked on this platform soon. Could pay off in years to come. So maybe that’s why I search and search engine Journal I recommend in this website. So let’s go to the website. It’s cold Crazy by link. Come little bit of confusion here because the logo says crazy backlinks, but the website is actually the domain name is called crazy back link.com. So not only and here you can see we’ve got a lot of different categories that we can submit under sole of got business computer education. Fashion Health. Sa Yo, social travel Vehicles news, so let’s say

We want to go with us a education.

I hear you can see that people are posting content relevant to she’s not so free. Click on digital marketing course first one there you can able to see

They are linking. This is actually linking to another website. So if we click that it’s taking us to an issue. Com document. So here you can see how other marketers are using this as part of their tiered dynamic backlink builder strategy. So

Have a look at what people are doing in your niche.

and maybe they’re not sending web traffic directly to their own money website, but they’re linking two other properties and I’ll maybe guess posts that kind of thing in order to build up a link profile that way so

Before we start using it. I want you to also pay attention to the right hand side. Look at this with got bookmarking list. And yeah, it’s out of date but hundred percent do follow links. So you could easily go through all of these additional websites and post links get backlinks from the sources. So I mean mostly links backlinks planet.com with God Can Planet loads of additional resources that we can use stop

If we go down further we can drill down into even more soap cast of Grease so we can get fairly relevant links from these categories. So if you on the health Niche, well, are you going you’re going to get relevant links? oops

The Millionaire Guide On Free Seo Backlink Builder Website Traffic And Earning To Help You Get Rich.

what do you think of this show start using it?

So single click submit URL Trying to live it slow. So let me fill in this phone.

Okay, that’s work. So we’re when I logged in under my account, let’s go to profile and see what we can do here. So edit profile details.

Add website to a profile that’s unfortunate, but let’s submit URL.

So click on the Arrow weight not too keen on that. Okay, so we didn’t have to wait too long. So here we can just paste in a URL. So let me grab a URL now.

Truman little bit slow Okay cool. So it’s automatically pulled in the title. So get targeted website traffic for this Grill in our marketing strategy. most website traffic checker google

So what should we go for should go for?
Business should we go for internet business?

Then it’s pulled in tags for my automatically. I like that description.
Pulled in the description for me to this is really nice. Then. Let’s feeling the capture 74.

fj3, and then click submit See what happens.
Hope things have used an offensive word. So see
not sure why it thinks not so poop.

Really basic just for the stem on purpose. So strong inside business will try again.Text Megan see what happens.

Finally worked. So posed to be a sweetheart to me to the front page. So that’s pretty cool. So quick on this.

It’s been like to some nice about to the front page that you can see that it’s on the front page of this website. So that’s what that’s going to give me back link to my contacts really happy with that.

Let’s check if it’s a new fethar or no fethar. So going to go inspect element have a look at the code Ro do follow. We don’t see that very often. Do we we don’t see websites specifically saying do follow nice

Okay, so that’s a to follow backlink from this free seo backlink building website.


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