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This is long tail keywords which one should you be using on your website. Hi I’m Dilawar from Us and today I am going to discuss the use of Chantelle a long tail keywords. So the first question you have to ask yourself is: what do you want to achieve in your website?. Do you want lots of visitors or do you want people ready to buy from you. Swash all teil. words, Chantelle key words of search phrases containing one to three words. If you want to attract lots of visitors to your website and optimizing for Chantelle key words is the most effective way to do this. However, if you’ve never done any S. you’ll be full arson, you website you can join in the back of the long queues gets page one.

So this example will use a full well website. Ideal. Chantelle key words will be trainers, are the best trainers and women’s adidas trainers, as you can see, the quite general searches. So what are the pros and cons of using Chantelle key words? One of the pros is that it has high search volume, which means we had lots of visitors to your website.. The cons is, that is high competition, which means that competitors will want to run compatriot for the same key words. It will be a low intensive purchase because it’s a general search on the B. low conversion rate, because the visits will launch on a and a general page in summary, Chantelle key words: how high search volume also highly competitive and how to rank in Google.. The best hard work, patience and strategy it is possible to rank above your competitors.

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So what are long tail keywords, long tail keywords to search phrases containing more than three words. Pixiv seolong tail keywords is about seventy percent of searches on Google I made up of long tail keywords: sticking with a foot well websites, ideal long tail key words would be I. Do that’s easy to use trainers all the best trainers designed by Kanye west. The challenge of long tail keywords is that the most specific, the lower search volume, the shot, tell key words bolts and it’s a big balls. The visitor alarms on the specific page and a higher intent to purchase.

Don’t forget, thank you not up to much you sites the long tail keywords you don’t be missing out on these opportunities. So what are the pros and cons of long tail Key words? One of the pros is that as low competition, which means everyone’s gonna direction, for these key words. This could be a hi intensive purchase because the customer is searching for a specific item and this could be high conversion rate because the visit so it’s going to land on the page, they’re looking for. On the columns is that there’s a low search volume.

This graph shows the relationship between high competition on the probability of conversion shot a long tail key words. When long tail keywords are used, you can say that conversion increases as competition decreases. Long tail keywords account for seventy percent of Google searches, so the best strategy is to optimize for long tail keywords, and that way you can catch customers searching for something specific. If you optimize for long tail keywords, then by default you the also optimizes shot so key words, so you cover all bases. seo runs high the long tail keyword, searches, capturing customers with high intensive purchase. Also, you start to climb the ranks a shot, tell key words: increasing your organic traffic. So how can you apply this to your website.

Long tail keyword optimize

Well, in my opinion, optimizes the long tail keyword searches is a great stop if you’re brand new website, if you’ve never done SCO before targeted long tail searches, we get your ranking quickly, Google and also increase your organic traffic. If you do have to run a few shots, key words, it is possible, but it’s just gonna take time to get to page one. Let me know in the comments how you’re using Seo long tail keywords you know SEO strategy.

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