What is seo black hat and seo white hat

I’m going to talk about the best type of SEO to use for deadbeat affiliate website. Now before we begin if you’re trying to build a passive income all my business from the comfort of your living room sofa, this is the channel for you.

So make sure you hit that subscribe button and then tick that Bell icon so that you’re notified of any videos that I released when I released the Arts of the day we’re talking about black hat SEO and White hat SEO. Let’s jump right on a let’s get cut on all the fluff black hat SEO.

What is this all about seo types black hat seo?

So the way I look at black hat SEO is a short-term way to trick Google into giving you a better search engine rankings and therefore website traffic. Now the reality is is that black hat SEO to this day is still a proven way to get traffic to your website.

However, what I do when I teach you I don’t really mess around with it and I’ll tell you why in a second.

Instead of trying to write a natural article on their website, they will stuff it with like 50 different keywords and include very little valuable content to go along with another reality is that doing this does work however, Google will catch on after a matter of weeks. So this is why is short-term. Another big black hat SEO technique is the use of spamming doing things like standing blogs and forums for backless.

I just don’t recommend this is the ruins it for everyone black hat SEO technique is the use of article scraping.

So this is when people take someone else’s content and repurpose it or reuse it on their own website as if it’s their what they will do as though you software to straight pieces of content from on the internet and this is commonly used with black hat SEO. Another thing is autoblogging. I’m not a big fan of work really well in the past but not anymore. So audible login Facebook of software that generates a Blog through using different things like the Amazon API YouTube videos,

A mini website which back in the day was actually pretty useful for getting traffic. Now, I have heard some people talking about this at the recent event that I went to they said they were still having success with autoblogging but very short term. So I don’t like to mess around any of that type of stuff and last but not least.

This is a trademark black hat SEO tactic in this is using software tools like SE nuke Strummer and the GSA search engine ranker software go out into spam links on a different types of things like social profiles people’s blogs forums all that stuff and never logged into a WordPress login to see the comments or The Conjuring 2, since they’re just like rehashed information that is the end result of someone using that software on your website.

I’m just curious if you ever seen those type of comments on your blog, Let me know. Is it annoying?

I bet you to tell me how annoying it is to see those type of comments on your blog comment below with that Also what I want to do a black hat SEO

So right here were on bidderjob.com in the search box type in GSA backlinks or mass back legs. And anything you see on the screen here is generally a black hat SEO gig So if you blast your money sites with boughs of the links upfront using any of these days you’re going to do index it and you’re not going to make any money not a lot of people use this for things like getting some properties index getting tier-2 tier-3 social profiles index. I just try to stay away from it because it becomes risky. If you’re making money online with affiliate marketing art. So nowadays.

I do all white hat SEO.

It’s just much easier in the long run. It might take a little bit of extra work in The Upfront reaction to do good things. But in the long run it pays off it last much longer. So if you want to be a lazy deadbeat white hat SEO is what I recommend Arts. Let’s talk about some white hat SEO techniques. One thing that is a staple white hat tactic is creating vert.

High quality information security long butt long post that really dive into a subject and really dissect it so that there is nothing left to talk about.

I just want five or so you some examples of them takes to do this here.

And create content for them and vice versa. So you can write content on their blog they provide a link back to yours And you also returned the favor by having them create content for you and you give a small link back to them. This is called guest posting very very great way to build up a long-term relationship with people in your nets and also get those back links that provide real power and rank your website.

So it’s against the one of those things that takes a little work up front but worth it cuz you’ll get traffic and results for many many years to come.

Another white hat tactic is manually doing block comments and Forum post anywhere where you can get a link on their actually going to manually add real value to the website. And if you do this the right way most webmasters will approve your comment. I approve comments like this all the time as long as people provide value on my stuff. So it’s like a trade-off thing. You have to provide Wylie to get values. This is one hundred percent white hat another tactic. This is kind of little in the gray area if you want to look at it this way and that is actually hiring writers.

To create mini blogs for you, so they can actually be good sources of backlinks as long as the mini blogs are of good quality. So it’s just use an example and just move over to make this cool. Let’s say that you have a website on scuba diving website.

You can have sub-sites on things like scuba diving mask scuba diving flippers scuba diving wetsuits wetsuit and you have your writers create these blogs and you’re also going to do things like social bookmarking on those blogs New York rate in real websites and these look at traffic and also have some search engine leaking power so you can take this power and funnel it to your money website that talked a lot about this in the past example of a Biderjob.com gig that is white hat SEO in my opinion we can just go to fiber is fiber right now type in things like manual social bookmarking manual Web 2.0 creation manual block racing.

Like that. These are all games that are going to do white hat SEO for you. All right. So that’s a white hat and black hat SEO. There is a gray area though. There’s a gray area somewhere in between that’s for another video. I can talk about that for hours an hour or so. It’s called grey hat SEO. We’ll talk about that in the future. If you want to learn more ways to use white hat SEO to earn affiliate commissions.
I do have a guy that you can access for free. I’ll pop it up right here. We also get into some quality white hat SEO techniques and rank it on Google using 100% Pure white hat SEO. Hope you enjoy this video. My name is Dan Brockley deadbeat super affiliate. If you haven’t subscribed make sure you do that. Click the Subscribe button and hit the Bell icon. I am releasing new videos on affiliate marketing on my business SEO traffic generation.

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