6 ways to make money free online from blogging 2020

make money free online number one simply is accepting paid guest posts what do i mean by that simply
if you go here to my blog i have this
blog i write articles about my business and whatever i want to give to my followers and viewers in my
blog, if you go down here let’s go to this article keyword
research you will see that it’s not written by me someone
contacted me before.

asked about a guest post in my website
so i simply allowed them to post this Content on my website, but of course
in exchange with something so if you have a blog.

where you can accept guest posts you can charge people for posting on your blog if you have like maybe 5 000 visitors
per month 10 000 visitors per month and so on now
you may tell me i don’t have that number of visitors i will tell you directly and get them.

how simply by following my free seven strategies of getting traffic that explained in detail here on my website, and reading how to get at lead one
thousand to five thousand visitors every month for free by working like maybe one hour a week or two hours a week, to grow your website so you can charge like maybe 100 or 200 or maybe up to 1 000 or more according
to how many Traffic you Get on your website for people post on your website you may ask what people get of this simply they get traffic so people in my blog they will see their articles and read it and inside the articles they may be promoting.

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make money free online services anyway now this number one

is accepting guest posts number two which i think it’s
so familiar 6 ways to make money and you know it is monetizing with
ads if you go here to at super tools my free seo digital marketing platform.

if you go to any tool by the way if you don’t know super tools go now and check it’s totally free tools to help you grow online like this one youtube keyword tool. you will see i have some ads on this website

how to make money with google adsense from website

it’s ads by google adsense if you go here to google adsense,
like yesterday six dollars this month is around 234 dollars from
the ads and so on so you can post google ads on your website.

how to make money online sell ad space on your blog

these are ad spaces i sold to these companies if you go here to my services website you will see i give this service as a gig i showed you this maybe in other article so for 99 dollars per month i will post
an ad for anyone who wants to promote anything this website gets more than 100 00 views every month so i think it’s a good deal.

for people to publish an ad on my website for around 99
so this the second method in the monetizing with ad strategy is to sell ad spaces on your website again if you want traffic please check my
articles about the seven methods to get traffic it’s totally free just go and try it today and you’ll see the difference, this is about monetizing with ads
if you want to use ads you can monetize your newsletter BUY SELL ADS

get paid to send emails make money by sending emails without investment

if you go here to my main website you
can see i have this newsletter on my main page so i have
a newsletter that people can subscribe to it and here is my email system with mautic as you can see like every day i get like
100 contacts 73 contacts so every day i get the new visitors and new
subscribers to my newsletter how you can monetize this simply
whenever you send let’s go back to my system here where’s
my system whenever you go here and create an email
whatever system you are using.

using my own email marketing system i explained a lot
in my website here and let’s say you created and you email whatever now you can simply select anything any template go to
builder so this the newsletter as an example you can hear
add a small ad for someone else so you can promote other services inside
your newsletter and get paid for this is really an awesome
option also to monetize your newsletter this is not spamming you are just sending your subscribers and at the bottom of the newsletter you
can maybe add a promoted post.

how to make money free online without paying anything 2020

going to a website called re-pixel now please focus a little bit about one
minute with me what is three pixel simply is advertising the traffic
okay what do you mean by this maybe you heard about facebook pixels cora pixels google ads pixels this is a small
code that you add in your website if you go here to the page source
to my html code for my website and if you go down here let’s go
and search for facebook you can see here the facebook
pixel code so it’s a small code that you put in your website so you can track your visitors and then retarget them in a facebook ad
i explained this in detail and it’s really an awesome strategy if you want to run paid ads on facebook or on quora or on google and so on i explained
this in detail in one of my site you can check in the article below
also anyway so when you put this pixel .

now to instagram to facebook business just please wait one
minute with me this is very important and let’s go here
to events manager and let’s open as an example at super
tools you can see facebook can create an audience a custom audience
with my pixel using this pixel it will create this audience
what i’m going to do with this audience simply i can create a facebook ad
to target with this audience i think it’s somehow simple so you can use a custom audience with facebook using this pixel so to target people who are visiting your website so what three pixels do is simply.

it will give you a code a pixel also to install on your website here then
people can target your website’s visitor so maybe they are a new company
similar to you let’s say in my case i have this website at supertools provides
free seo tools so someone else want to run a paid ad
promoting to people interested in seo tools so it’s a good
idea to promote to my audience so in this way using repixel can target
my audience so simply to give you a pixel to install
and then people will be able to buy this audience or this pixel audience
from me you can see here in my dashboard like i have seven active advertisers here and four for super tools.

which pays like five hundred dollars after the first month
so it’s somehow a good option to monetize your website
with also so this strategy number four which is using a website
called re-pixel.

how to make money online with affiliate marketing for beginners 2020

it’s one of the best strategies is simply affiliate marketing
is sharing affiliate links if you go here to my blog again
let’s say this blog article if you go down here
you will see i’m sharing some affiliate links.

website here not here and i think in this guide mail with guide
i’m sharing an affiliate link and i’m promoting affiliate products so
i can make more money just with the same post with the same number of visitors everything the same i can make more money with ads
with affiliate with three pixel with selling ad spaces
with different strategies with the same website so you can
multiply your revenue with the same setup and this is really
so important so you can simply share affiliate links in your blog post or a
small note in my website here.

i create a page called resources and tools i showed you this in my affiliate
traffic video on how to get traffic through affiliate links you can also check in the Articlebelow by the way you can see this page i share all the tools that i use in my business to grow and eighty percent of these links are simply affiliate links and i have on
this website more than 10 000 visitors per month so i can simply get
clicks using this awesome new page so these are the five strategies to
earn more revenue using your website online the last simple tip if you want to get more money also using your website.

How to make money from Donations request

if you are giving somehow good value to people they will be maybe happy to donate you like with five ten dollars or more depending on your
content so you can simply go to paypal and add a paypal button
to accept donations or if you don’t have paypal and your country can go with a website called patreon which allows you to accept using pioneer.

by the way here i have two patterns i didn’t notice that
really till today i show like i have 18 dollars as a donation it’s okay so
you can use like patreon or paypal to accept donations on your website i hope you enjoyed this article you got some new benefits some
really some new ideas that will help you grow your business and make
more money online with your website whether you have one
or you want to start a new website please don’t forget share this article.

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