how to make money online from facebook | $500 daily get paid from facebook

This publication is not an instruction, but only my personal reasoning on the topic of making money on Facebook

You can definitely Earn money From Facebook. Where crowds gather, there is always something to profit from, but the main question is: How to do it?

Groups, pages, personal profiles, personal brand promotion?
My choice fell on pages, or as they are called in Basketball – publics.

The first task Line is to decide on a topic that will be relevant in the long term and that will correspond to personal interests, because it is difficult for a long time to delve into materials that are not interesting to oneself.

The second task Line is to get the first subscribers to start organic growth through content. Reach, reach, and more reach.

The third task is to start earning. By what means? Website traffic, Adsense advertising, advertising sales, affiliate programs, direct sales of your product. In addition, Facebook has its own monetization tools – instant articles, video monetization (like on YouTube).

More reach – more traffic – more earnings. The better the content, the more reach. You don’t need to focus on volume, you need to focus on quality. There are tons of pages that publish every hour – this is a road to nowhere. It is impossible to do efficiently and interestingly on an industrial scale. Here “work with the head” is appreciated. One good post will cover the reach of 10 mediocre ones.

How much you earn depends on your creativity, your imagination and your willingness to work hard.

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