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NOTE: This site is Scam -FAKE

so i have now logged into click knocks
and at first it seems like a very easy
way to earn
you can just go to the dashboard there
and you can see how much i have in my
account here now
and scroll down here and
there are
a lot of offers they say here they say
more than a thousand offers but as you
can see here
i only have a few and what you then need
to do is to click here
and visit a website here and then
supposedly i would get 37 cents just for
that so i click here
and then a new ad opens up here and then
i have to wait 40 seconds
here usually there’s then actually some
content here in this case i do not know
it’s actually empty but usually there
would be some kind of ad here
and this is in general how get paid to
click sites are
you have to wait number of
seconds here and then you will get your
earnings so i’ll just
wait until it’s expired i do not want to
force you here to wait here for another
12 seconds so i’ll just come back
when they are over and you can see the
time now expired so i just click skip
and then i’m redirected to some kind of
spammy ad
and that is one of the many things i do
not like about click knocks
in general when you click around here
ads for random things just pops up
because they have set it up that’s a
part of how they make money
that they have these ads and many of
them can actually be quite spammy
and some offers you should never take or
you should never download any of the
things that they suggest you should
download when they have these spammy ads
coming up here so that’s just the first
warning time to never install anything
that these ads encourage you to install
they will definitely not be worth it in
my experience but i’ll just try to skip
and see if i can actually then get back
into the platform
and i’m back here you can see the money
actually goes into my account here
so that seems very promising that was
definitely an easy 37 cents right
if you want get the money out
and i will get to that a little bit
later but
first here also what you need to think
about is that
it is just unrealistic that you will get 37 cents

for opening this page here first of all
it was actually
empty so why would they pay me 37 cents
for watching
an empty page i’m pretty sure that if
they really wanted to pay me that
they would make sure they actually would
be an ad and if you have ever tried
pay to click sites before you also know
that you will never get 37 cents for
clicking an ad like that
usually you have to click maybe a
thousand ads to earn just one dollar
so the earning claims here are just
extremely unrealistic
and the next offer here claims that i’ll
get 72 cents just for reading an article
and once again it is just some kind of
weird ad here and i actually tried to
accept this one to get to it here
and then as spammy actually popped up
here that i just closed down
but you can also see i actually not have
to do anything i can just leave it here
and count down
and when you think about it it’s just
not realistic why would i get 72 cents
for just sitting here and talking
actually to you
i do not even have to read it if there
actually was somebody willing to pay me
cents for reading an article like that
you can be sure that they would
have some kind of system that would make
sure i would actually read it also
so that is the first warning sign you
need to think about whenever you join a
so you need to realistic about what
you can earn and if they promise
something that is
so much higher than any other side
and you want to question why that is
and if you will actually get your money
out because i can tell you there is no
get paid to side where you will get
for example 72 cent to be 60 seconds on
a page that’s just not how it works
and also they are clearly not
transparent you can see they say
that you can earn from more than a
thousand offers and also
on the front page this said they are
always offers available and then now i
completed all
and i completed two and then i should
come back in five
hours so clearly they’re also not
transparent and truthful about that
but definitely the biggest warning sign
is the earning claims because it is just
completely unrealistic i can tell you
i have tested hundreds of sites where
you can make money online for free
and you will not get this much for
clicking ads or
reading an article like that so there is supposedly

also the option to earn by referring
people and also when i clicked here
the referral
then actually i had another spammy ad
coming up
and, what happens all the time that is
just another big red flag because they
have these spammy ads i already
mentioned it earlier
and definitely do not trust any of the
information coming up there
some-times things i’ve seen are very
dodgy and and i really
dislike sites that are just willing to
put ads up like that there
so supposedly you will earn five dollars
for every friend you invite
and in general most get paid to sites do
have some kind of referral program
where we can get real paid to invite friends
but also here it becomes clear that they
are not consistent with their
information and they are not transparent
and that is definitely a big red flag
because see here
it says you can get five dollars for
every friend you invite
but on the front page here it says that
you can share link and earn ten dollars
for 15 referrals
that does not quite make sense because
inside here
they claim that you will get potentially
five dollars oh see there
spammy ad came up just because i
accidentally clicked here
on this uh five dollars here so that’s
now you can see that here happens all the time
that is really distracting and
disturbing that they actually allow
spammy ass like that but anyways what i
was saying is that here
they clearly say that you get five
dollars per friend you invite and out
it says that you will get ten dollars
for 15 referrals
and that’s also just a weird way to say
like ten dollars for 15 referrals
that would definitely be a lot less than
five dollars and also as i will go over
later when we talk about the payout
you should really not expect to see this
money anyways
so one more thing you need to think
about both when it comes to click knocks
but also any side you in general
want to join to earn some extra cash and
that is it’s always good to know who is
which company is behind or which person
is behind and when you click on the
about section here
that just also is weird because just try
to listen what it says here
click knocks is the most website have
3 ways to help you can get paid in your spare
that’s not that’s not english that
doesn’t make sense
like why would they not take the time to
write a proper section here when you
have language like this it’s definitely
a warning sign and especially because it
does-not say to anything if it was
written in proper english it does not
say anything
there is no address there is no names of
the companies or the people behind
there’s no information
at all when you can find no information
about who’s behind that is always a red
so let’s now talk about the payout
methods because
this is again where they are not
transparent where they do not show any
information at all
because then you can withdraw all here
you can withdraw referrals
and then it says if you withdraw your
referrals with your revenue
then one referral will equal a five
dollar bonus but
what’s mean i’ve never heard it
described like that before
i have no idea what it means and you can
also withdraw your referrals here
and you can write here referrals you
want to withdraw
supposedly you can get paid here but i
would not really trust that anyways
a site that does not have any
information they do not have an
faq site that describes this and this is
confusing it doesn’t make sense and here
i can then withdraw referrals it says
and 25 referrals equals 125 dollars
but what does it mean how do i withdraw
my referrals
and how do i just withdraw my cash there
is no information
and when they do not have information
like that then it is just a clear
warning sign they do not even write here
how much you need to earn so you will
just have to blindly trust them and
start earning and then maybe at some
point you can withdraw
but it is clear from this system where
they have something about you can
withdraw referrals
that they are mostly interested in you
going out and trying to recruit other
people but
why should you do that you should never
recommend something that you do not
know is actually worth it and that is a
problem many people go out and promote
click knocks
but they have never got paid because as
you can see here
you need to get some referrals to get
paid so people desperately try to
do that hoping that they will get paid
because they can see the money growing
in the account but they can’t get them
out so i have not seen and find any
reliable payment proof and the fact that
have so little information and such a
confusing way of describing everything
just proves to me that you should
definitely not waste your time here
because it’s not realistic what they
claim you can earn it doesn’t make sense
and they will not be able to pay you
that much so you will just be wasting
your time
and there’s so many things that do not
tell you and when there’s so much
information you cannot get on the side
it’s usually because they like keeping
you confused because you will just
desperately try to keep earning and
clicking their ads and they will earn
that way
and you will just keep doing that and
inviting other people
until at some point you give up and at
that time you have already invited a lot
of other people that will have to go
through the same process
and make them money without any of us
making anything
so i think it is clear from this review
click knocks is definitely not a site i
recommend i
instead highly recommend you to stay
away from it it has so many red flags
they do not have any information about
who they are they have spammy ads
popping up everywhere
they’re making extremely exaggerated
earning claims and they do not have any
information about the payouts
and based on my experience after i’ve
tested hundreds of
sites this will be a site where you will
just be wasting your time
if you want real make money online at home by
clicking ads for example do other small
online micro tasks
there are a lot of legit sites that are
proven to pay
over many years and you should
definitely join those instead
but you will not get seven to two cents
or anything like that
for just clicking little ad that is not
how get paid to sites works so you need
to do it with the right expectations

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