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DigitalDownloadBooks is well aware of the value of advanced SEO tools, because we have been developing and promoting websites for almost 17 years. Top tools are extremely useful in SEO promotion when you need higher limits, more functionality, the ability to save data or contact support.

There are 100 of free SEO optimization programs out there today, so we’ll only look at the best and most useful ones to enrich your toolbox. Many SEOs have been invaluable in reviewing the software listed in this article (see note at the end). The tools included in the list meet three requirements:

1. Bing Webmaster Tools

While Google’s similar services are better known, many are unaware that its competitor, the search engine Bing, offers a full suite of search analytics and site analytics. Keyword search, key reporting, and data collection are especially useful.

2. Data Studio

If you need to combine data from different sources (for example, Search Console and Google Analytics), visualize and share them, a service developed by Google is the best choice. To get an idea about all the SEO-tasks and information panels, you can create a free look at the list of resources the Data Studio the Google , created by Lee Hurst .

3. Advanced Google Analytics annotations

How do you know if the decrease (or increase) in traffic is due to an update to Google’s search algorithm, or possibly due to the long holidays? This is a very useful plugin for the Google Chrome browser that overlays additional data on top of your analytics. It will allow you to send screenshots to your customers showing how external factors are affecting their traffic.

4. Google Analytics

Probably the most popular web analytics tool in the world. Despite being free, it is incredibly reliable and works well with the rest of Google’s products, including Optimize, Search Console, and Data Studio. Some are concerned about privacy, but the company says it does not use this information for its search rankings.

5. Search Console

Probably the most useful free SEO tool on the list, it’s impossible to imagine search engine optimization without accessing the data in the Google Search Console. This is the best place to get information about how Google indexes and ranks your site, and only here you can get reliable information about keywords.

6. Keyword Hero

This product allows you to solve the problem of missing keywords using advanced mathematics and machine learning. It’s not perfect, but it will be extremely useful for those trying to match keywords to conversion rates and other metrics. 2000 sessions per month are provided free of charge.

7. MozCast

This brainchild of SEO specialist Dr. Pete borrows a lot from the original Google SERP tracker. MozCast is one of the best trackers to detect changes in algorithms, both significant and insignificant, in time. The SERP tracking features will also be useful, showing the impact of ads and knowledge bars on a site’s ranking.


Specialized tools to check how well your site is indexed and optimized.

8. Beam Us Up

If you are looking for a free scanner for your Windows desktop computer, this service is the best choice. Of course, its functionality is not as wide as that of Screaming Frog, but it offers 100% free scanning with no restrictions.

9. Link Redirect Trace

Free extension for Chrome browser. Many SEOs recommend it as a versatile traffic redirection path analyzer. The extension displays information about HTTP headers, canonical links, robots.txt, and basic link metrics from LinkResearchTools. Save Screenshot function will also be useful.

10. Redirect Path

This great product is very similar to the previous one, it shows the redirect paths and title for each visited URL. I must admit that I have been using this extension for many years and it is almost always enabled in my browser.

11. Screaming Frog

Besides the fact that the developer of this tool maintains an interesting blog on Twitter , it is also the most popular modern desktop scanner. Many are unaware of the free version that crawls up to 500 URLs. Of course, the functionality in it is cut down in comparison with the paid version, but it is great for small projects and site auditing.

12. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

Most SEOs are familiar with Screaming Frog, but few are aware that its developer also offers a standalone free / paid log file analyzer. The free version is very powerful but limited to 1000 lines.

13. SEOlyzer

This is a log analysis service recommended by Aleida Solis on her excellent Crawling Mondays podcast . SEOlyzer is an awesome log analysis tool with cool features like real-time analysis and page categorization.

14. Xenu

I must admit, even though Xenu has consistently ranked in every free SEO tool ranking since its inception, I never thought our list would be no different. This Windows desktop web crawler has remained largely unchanged over the past 10 years. 
Nevertheless, many people love it and use it for basic site auditing, finding broken links, and other purposes. Be sure to try it.


Tools that allow you to find out what users are looking for on the Web, as well as the frequency and competitiveness of search queries.

15. Answer The Public

It’s hard not to love this service. Its interface has a rebellious spirit in the style of the board game “Cards Against Humanity”. If you need to generate a huge list of queries (semantic core) from any set of keywords, Answer The Public is the best choice.

16. Keyword Explorer

If you’re new to Moz’s awesome keyword research tool , be sure to give it a try. It offers 500 million keyword variations and the most accurate SEO search query rate rankings. You will also receive our product for Keyword Difficulty and CTR. A free public Moz account gives access to 10 queries per month, each of which will provide a selection of 1000 keys and analysis of search results.

17. Keyword Planner

keyword research tools was developers by This keyword planner uses Google internal information and comes with useful features like filtering by geo location. beware of competition-like metrics, it applies to the place and frequency of survival payments – they can be confusing.

18. Keyword Shitter

The name can be translated as “diarrhea from keywords”, and the service works according to this principle. Just enter a keyword and it “you * ret” a bunch of associated keys.

19. Keywords Everywhere

A favorite of SEO specialists! Install this browser extension in Firefox or Chrome to watch keyword suggestions as you visit different pages. The service is compatible with Google Search Console. This is a must have for anyone looking for inspiration.

20. Ubersuggest

I laugh at Neil Patel because he works in his very hard. I’m probably just jealous, because I don’t even have pajamas. Still, Neil recently bought out Ubersuggest and contributed a lot to its progress.
 If you’ve given up on this tool a long time ago, come back and try again: it now goes far beyond keyword research and offers many advanced options such as basic link metrics and competitor page analysis.

21. Disavow Tool

Finding a link to this tool on Google isn’t easy, mainly because most site owners don’t really ne
ed it. 
But if you still need it, it will be extremely useful for removing a penalty. 
Some SEOs pray for it because it helps fight pessimization of sites. If you decide to use this tool, be careful and check out this guide to disavow unwanted links.

22. Backlink Checker

Few know that Ahrefs offers a free backlink checker, which is pretty good. Of course, the free version has a number of limitations compared to the full-fledged paid version. 

For example, you’re limited to 100 links and won’t be able to search by prefix or folder, but it’s handy for quick link checking or if your SEO budget is limited.

23. Google My Business

In fact, it is the most popular local SEO tool, especially if you are in a niche that is served by Google.

 It will allow you to advertise your company, manage list information, and respond to customer reviews, among other things. Company profiling forms the basis for most other local SEO operations,
which is why this step is so important.

24. Google Review Link Generator

This Whitespark Link Generator solves a simple problem:
How do you give customers a URL so they can leave a review for the company? 
User reviews boost ratings, but leaving them on Google isn’t easy. 
This generator makes things easier.

25. Local Search Results Checker

One of the most difficult tasks for a local SEO is figuring out the page rank,
in search results in a specific region,
especially when Google persistently produces results
that are relevant to the geographic location where you are located. 

Bright has solved this problem
with a quick local ranking tool that can virtually place you anywhere on the planet to check your site’s position in a particular region.

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