The Ultimate Guide To Using The SmmPak Plagiarism Checker Tool

How does the Plagiarism Checker work?Copy and Paste your text into the search box, with a maximum of 1000 words per search.

How to use the plagiarism checker

You’ll now see a pop-up window showing your file with the two glaring warning signs you should be concerned about If you’re not sure whether you’re guilty or not, select the Search Settings icon at the top right of the screen. Select the Plagiarism Checker option under Verify Content or Use Plagiarism Checker to see the result.

The plagiarism checker will look over your text. If it detects plagiarism (which it’ll do pretty quickly), it’ll give you a score between -1000 and 1000 (out of 1000). You can then make any necessary corrections, or just ignore the warning and carry on typing away. Once you’ve given the text another go with the plagiarism checker, you should get an identical score.

How to check your text for plagiarism

  1. Go to Edit > Check For Plagiarism
    2. Type in the word “Hello world” into the search box
    3. Check your text
    4. If you see one or more problems, your text is definitely a bit too similar to something you did not write. As such, it will be included in your report.

How to identify other plagiarism Checker Tool

Assuming the search finds your text, you’ll see the content you’ve copied displayed. If you’re getting a 0.1% chance that what you’ve copied isn’t from somewhere else, your text isn’t likely to be plagiarized. A plagiarized author with 20,000 words is likely to have used tens of thousands of words of other authors’ texts.

If your text matches this range, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve copied from another source without credit. This could be a used textbook on college campuses, a magazine from a few years ago, the web, or a self-published text. If the results are low, the tool might be giving you a false positive. Use the resource link to see if your text matches a plagiarism checklist from a trusted source. (Here are some sample texts.

How to avoid plagiarism

1.Create multiple drafts You can keep multiple drafts of an article on one laptop, and copy-paste it into SmmPak to check for plagiarism. This way you can avoid writing the same words over and over again.
2. Use active voice You should always keep your text in active voice. Active voice is used when you talk about a subject. In other words, when you speak directly about the topic that you are writing about. 3. Use direct quotations Sometimes your text can be very closely related to another work that has already been written. If you have to use direct quotes in your text, you should look for short, powerful, descriptive phrases, or specific words to add depth and context to your text.

Thanks to the SmmPak Seo Tools plagiarism Checker, has been taken out of the classroom and replaced with real learning. No one will be discouraged by faulty teachers.
Those lazy students who plagiarized will know that copying and pasting your text is wrong, and they will avoid it the next time they want to cheat. This post is dedicated to Don Guzman, who first introduced this tool and helped me proofread this post. Thank you Don!

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