The Best Backlink Checker Tool: How We Tested and Found the One That’s Worth Your Time

A powerful website SEO Tools back link maker and backlink checker.How We Tested and Found the One That’s Worth Your Time

Link Building, or back link building, is a business strategy for website owners to provide high quality, highly specific backlinks to their site. What is the value of high quality backlinks? Backlink account for as much as 15-20% of your site’s total organic traffic.

Your site’s bounce rate is reduced because users who get lost and
never want to leave your site. Links help your site to rank for keywords related to your website. Additional backlinks also help your site rank for less common keywords, so by investing in backlink building, you are increasing the chances of your website ranking for more highly searched keywords. Backlink building is like a slow drip of traffic to your website, which is achieved through a series of small steps that occur over time.

By Joe That’s something we often hear from site owners: “I’ve got a great site, but the problem is, no one’s linking to it.” In that situation, we’ve often recommended that you look for backlink opportunities with Google and other search engines. But more and more often, you’re looking for backlink opportunities from other websites.

You want organic traffic to your site, but you also want to get links to your website, so you’re getting backlinks from other sites, too. It’s a new twist on the old concept of building links. If you want to find backlink opportunities from other websites, Google Webmaster Tools offers a great backlink checker tool that’s worth your time.

What Is a Backlink Checker?

A backlink checker tool is essentially a small program that takes a text article and analyzes its backlink profile in order to generate a score that denotes the backlink profile’s relative strength (low, moderate, high, or very high). You can then consult this backlink checker to see what Google’s general thoughts are regarding the article’s potential for good backlinks. Backlinks tend to be more beneficial than links from other websites if they are positive, relevant, and useful. The Best Backlink Checker Tool:

Found the One That’s Worth Your TimeRelevance is an essential factor in a good backlink profile. For example, if a blog post contained video, or if it included images in the text, it might come back as “slightly relevant”, which is unlikely to ever rank well.

The requirements of a smmpak backlink checker are very simple: it must check backlinks, and return them in order of quality. In most cases, a backlink checker will also flag bad backlinks, which will help you take action on it. While most link checkers can tell you how many links are in a site, they can’t tell you how many quality links are there.

And how do you know which links are weak? It’s the relationship between the quality and quantity of links. We’ve checked tens of different backlink
checkers in order to get the information that was most valuable to us. To get the exact information you need, we used a combination of two tests, where we found the tool that we found the most useful for our SEO needs.

In early 2021 we set out to create a powerful website SEO Tools back link checker that offers a huge selection of comprehensive backlink checking capabilities. In our research we discovered that many of the tools out there were incredibly expensive (in terms of cost per thousand links).

Not only that, but some were of limited functionality, or did not offer a wealth of backlink data. While there are many good backlink checkers out there.
we wanted to make a tool that was more affordable, easy to use, powerful, and that offered complete backlink data so we set out to create that tool.

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