The Best XML Sitemap Generator Tool: Use XML Sitemap Generator and Get Indexed Faster

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What is an XML Sitemap?

Simply put, an XML sitemap is a database that includes a list of all your pages that you have indexed and so you can easily find the pages you are interested in. If you have a basic web design up you can use it to help other visitors navigate your website and get more information.

But if you have a complex website with hundreds of pages and many categories then this may be quite a difficult task. What makes an XML sitemap important is that it helps with search engine ranking. Search engines like Google index all websites, not just those with no content. The reason behind it is that it enables them to put all of your sites on the same page.

Why Should I Care about XML Sitemaps?

Google indexing has a lot of impacts on your business. If you have an index, you will be indexed. If you are indexed, Google will show you backlinks, both of those backlinks will have an impact on your rankings. If you are ranked, you will have a direct impact on how much traffic you get, thus having more opportunity to make money off of that traffic.

Important factor of all: Google indexing is the search engine that allows your website.
The purpose of this guide is to help you create a Google XML sitemap. This will allow you to be found on Google.
As I said in the opening, your website deserves to be indexed
on every search engine. It is the only way to ensure that people will be able to find you no matter what search engine they use.

How to Create a Google XML Sitemap

Creating a Google XML Sitemap can be tricky, but we’ve found that just as many errors in using a XML sitemap have more to do with your website’s structure and your domain name than whether or not you’ve used the right search terms. So, before you actually use the XML Sitemap Generator tool, let’s take a look at the process.

Download the Google XML Sitemap Generator tool from Google Webmaster Tools for free. Place the XML Sitemap Generator Tool icon on your site. You’ll need to enable JavaScript and tell the Google XML Sitemap Generator tool to make a request to Google for index data. Step 1: Get a good domain name Since you’re trying to get
indexed as fast as you can, you’ll need to have a domain name that will show up in search engines.

Why Should I Use XML Sitemaps Generator?

Google’s XML sitemap generates site-specific sitemaps which your webmaster should submit to Google. Our free XML sitemap generator tool will do all the work for you. Google Sitemaps are an important part of Google’s search ranking algorithm. This tool helps you build an easy and flexible XML sitemap in just a few steps. What if my website is not yet crawling on Google’s index? That’s fine.

Create xml sitemap manually and submit it to Google follow the steps described in
“Getting Indexed on Google” page. While generating the XML sitemap is easy, we want to keep our process as easy as possible. So we make the work as painless as possible. Instead of using the manually created XML sitemap created in a text editor, try our free XML Sitemap Generator tool.

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