Service word letter count Description

SEO analysis of a text is a unique service that has no analogues. The ability to highlight “water”, spam, and keys in the text allows you to make text analysis interactive and easy to read.
SEO text letter counter analysis includes

Character counter, counting the number of characters and words in the text online

Using this online service, you can determine the number of words in the text, as well as the number of characters with or without spaces.

Definition of count letters online keys and semantic core of text
The ability to find search keys in the text and determine their number is useful both for writing new text and for optimizing an existing one. The arrangement of keywords by groups and by frequency will make navigation by keys convenient and quick. The service will also find morphological variants of the keys that are highlighted in the text when you click on the desired keyword.

Determination of percentage of water content of seo txt tool
This parameter displays the percentage of stop words, phra seo logical units in the text, as well as verbal turns, phrases, connecting words that are not significant and do not carry a semantic load. A small content of “water” in the text is a natural indicator, while:

up to 15% – the natural content of “water” in the text;
from 15% to 30% – the exceeded content of “water” in the text;
from 30% – high content of “water” in the text.
Determining the percentage of seo text spam
The percentage of text spamming reflects the number of search keywords in the text. The more keywords there are in the text, the higher its spam content:

up to 30% – the absence or natural content of keywords in the text;
from 30% to 60% – SEO-optimized text. In most cases, search engines consider this text to be relevant keywords that are listed in the text.
from 60% – highly optimized or keyword-spammed text.character counts online
Search for mixed words or words in various keyboard layouts
This parameter shows the number of words consisting of letters of various alphabets. Often these are letters of the Russian and English languages, for example, the word “table”, where “o” is the letter of the English alphabet. Some copywriters in Russian words replace part of the letters with English in order to fraudulently increase the uniqueness of the text. SEO analysis of the text successfully identifies such words.