You may also notice that there is a text in a purple block & this showing that the next services will be used as tier2 for the links that will created from the above services.

Tier2 is backlinks that will referring to your backlinks, that referring to your website this called Link Pyramid and it is a great SEO technique.

Each tier project will define which project will be used, in this example this tier project: (4000 article directories backlinks will refering to the number 3, 4 & 5 only.

This mean it will used the links generated from the projects number 3, 4 & 5 only, and will not use the links from projects 1 or 2

 Indexer 2 for all SEnuke campaign links Very High indexer rate

 Indexer 2 Very High indexer rate
Mix profiles backlinks forum & social networks
DA Domain Authority 30+
DA Domain Authority 50+
Web 2.0+ blogs Dedicated accounts
high  monty Premiums Edition high DA sites list
 shortener backlinks
Wiki articles Backlinks
Blog/image/other comments backlinks
Social networks profiles backlinks
Mix profiles backlinks
Do-follow backlinks
NO-follow backlinks
Forum profiles backlinks


  • 5000+ Hits website traffic
  • 10000+ Hits website traffic
  • Advertising FB GooGle +
  2. google
  3. facebook
  4. freelancer’s site
  5. other